6 Tips to Build Fans and Make More Sales

As you probably know, 1000 customers is not equal to 1000 other customers. There’s a big difference between having an audience that follows you but “nothing else” and having fans who love your content and always want more, And this is done at the sales level.,

The first type of person will never buy from you, while the second type will buy or have many of your products.

That’s why I’m going to show you how to be the best customer possible, i.e. buyers.

You will only need a few dozen truly qualified and regular customers to make a good living from your business.

But how do you get an audience of fans?

It is based on one simple thing: This is the relationship with your customers.

If you have a great relationship with them, you won’t need to force them or use a lot of techniques to try some way to persuade them to buy your product.

These are customers who will automatically (and regularly) buy from you.

There is no need to try and find new people every time (especially since it is long and difficult).

Here you have to keep what you already have.

This can be called a “pre-sale”.

When you have a good relationship, part of the sale has already been made.

It’s like trying to convince a stranger you’ve never met or trying to convince a friend you’ve known for a long time.

The difficulty difference is hugejust because your friend already makes you Belief.

If your audience already trusts you, you’re already half done.

Now, we will see how to take a genuine relationship with your customers to the point where they would love to buy your products.

I will give you 6 tips.

1/ Stick to a Good Theme

Like I said in the beginning, 1000 subscribers is not equal to 1000 other customers, especially depending on the theme.

Between people listening to hour-long podcasts on the deepest marketing techniques, and people watching people play video games, The qualification level is not the same.

You can know if your theme is good or not thanks to 2 factors.

get away

The more specific your theme, the easier it will be for you to make good connections. (You are close to the customer),

Because the person who has a specific problem comes to see you (because you are the expert on his problem) and not someone else who is more general.

stay in monetizable theme

If, for example, you start content on a video game, products will be difficult to sell (thus to be a regular customer), because there is nothing special to sell. And consumers are not big buyers.

Only the most famous people make a living from it thanks to sponsorships and partnerships.

It’s best to be in a theme where you can easily find product ideas, and with people who are already buying into the theme.

OK, I don’t think you are too broad a topic and cannot be monetized, but this is to show you that your position is very important. Without it, the other tips won’t do much.

But if you’ve already started on a very broad topic, you always have the possibility to nest a little more.

2/ Don’t be “clingy”

You might not dare to give away everything for free for fear of not selling another product later.

It is fair to ask.

Maybe if we give lots of values ​​for free:

  • Now we will have no idea of ​​the product to sell;
  • Chances will get enough for free;
  • So they will no longer need to buy your products.

But this is only in theory.

In fact, offering a lot of value for free will increase your sales.

Like I said in the beginning, everything should be based on the relationship. If you don’t really value them. It is being felt and they will not find what they are looking for.

So they will look elsewhere for someone who really gives them what they need.

Whereas if you give, give and give back, they will be very happy and love your content.

And when you make an offer, they’ll already know that what you’re doing is overwhelming! They will have confidence in the quality of your product, because what you give away for free is already great.

So don’t hesitate to spoil your audience by giving a lot of value to your free and paid content.

3/ Discuss with them

Well that’s… it’s definitely the base of the bases.

You have to interact with your audience of fans, otherwise you can’t really call it a relationship.

Yes, it’s hard to answer everyone as you become more and more famous, but it’s really important.

When people are too familiar and don’t respond to a message, it immediately takes off the human side.

Whereas if you show you’re there for them, you care (Responding to their posts/comments) They simply Love (like a kid taking a picture with their favorite footballer), especially if you answer their questions.

If you value them even by the message, you’ve won everything (this goes back to point 2).

Even though it may take you a long time, try it, you won’t regret it.

Bonus: Plus, talking with them really helps you get to know their problems and their wishes so that you can write your sales texts better.

4/ Give them what they really want

If you don’t give them what they want (whether in your free content or in your products/services), They will not feel touched.

Imagine you are in a market and there is a person in a stand shouting “Who wants a good waffle!!”.

But the problem is you don’t like waffles (this is an example of course, I don’t know your taste ^^). You won’t feel targeted at all by what he says.

And now imagine the opposite, you love waffles and you are very hungry. When he yells, you’re about to turn over because you’re his target. So you can go buy something.

But in short, why am I telling you about it?

It’s to show you that if you don’t give them what they want, you won’t really help them if you don’t solve their problems, so they won’t have much reason to be with you. .

Whereas if you really help them solve their problems, then iThey will be with you. And above all, they will buy your product because they are interested.

As I like to say every time: “If they want bananas and you offer them strawberries, they won’t buy.”

note : To find out what they want, you have to apply what I mentioned in Tip #3. Listen to them and discuss with them, you will know their problems that they want to solve and their desires that they want to achieve. Release products and materials based on these discussions and they will consume them.

Click here to learn all the techniques for knowing your audience.

5/tell stories

Stories are very effective in building relationships. It adds spice to your ingredients.

I will take 2 sample material for you to compare.

Example 1:
Here is the person who gives 5 tips to lose weight.
“Hello, today I am going to give you 5 tips to lose weight.
– Tip 1, …
– Tip 2,…
– Etcetera. ,

Example 2:
Before starting to give their advice, the person first tells their story. She says that she was overweight and was fed up with the condition. She wanted to rediscover the joy of living, feeling good in her own body, etc. And she managed to lose her extra pounds. So she can help those who want to do the same. That’s when she talks about her advice.

Example 2 is much more impressive, people will like content with one story much more than the other.

Because there is emotion.

In the same case everyone will recognize themselves and be more attentive. And they’ll love it even more.

Without a story, it’s hard to make a real connection. OK, there might be some good stuff, but they’re not going to go any further.

So don’t hesitate to tell your story, relevant anecdotes and reveal your personality. This is what makes you different from others about yourself.

6/ Marketing Ethically

I hope you don’t want to manipulate your fan following and use unscrupulous techniques just to sell. This is good, because doing these techniques will break the relationship.

If the person feels manipulated, they will no longer trust you and love you. so it’s no longer logical buy from you.

Of course you can sell.

But there’s a difference between pushing the customer and selling the right way, and it’s entirely the customers who want to buy your products.

By selling ethically, I don’t mean using sales techniques that push your customers away.

for example :

  • Offer promos at less than 95%;
  • Lying to find logic or create fake promos;
  • make huge promises that are not kept in the product;
  • selling aggressively (such as “buy my product now”);
  • Etcetera.

Sure, these techniques drive sales, but it will annoy a large portion of your audience so they leave.

As a result, it will be necessary to look for new customers each time (which is very long and tedious).

Instead, talk about their desires and problems. Say that your product/service can honestly help them (by saying what it gives as a benefit).

You can sell as if you are selling something to an acquaintance

(Click here for all the ways to learn copywriting.)

Here are my 6 tips.

I hope you will enjoy it.

I’m a freelance copywriter, that is, I write sales pages so that they convert more, but I quickly noticed that a good sales copy is something stronger.

It is a relationship of trust.

If people are your fans, it will be easier to sell because you don’t have to prove everything to them. They already know you.

If you want to go further and learn to make more sales while having a good relationship with your customers, I currently write 2 emails a week to my email list advising you on copywriting (yellow button next to my profile). And I have a YouTube channel that’s also about copywriting (the red button next to my profile).

I can assure you that I follow the advice I just gave you

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