6 things to prepare

Creating an application is an important step for a company. Knowing the various points before you get started can save you time and money…

a clear and precise budget

There are no surprises when you’re about to build your first application, but each application is different. The budget depends on the adding options and the developers available to you during development. Keep in mind that unexpected events are always possible. The initial budget may be too high. Keep in mind that the first estimate is based on price.

Before starting any project you should know your budget. Often the biggest mistake businesses make is to underestimate this part. The bigger the budget, the higher your discount. Furthermore, the budget function goes with the time factor. Improving your budget also means reducing the development time of your application and thus making the application quicker.

Define the build time of your application

Knowing the build period of an application is important especially if you want to launch your application at a specific time (for example for holidays). If you’re not an expert, you can at least estimate the length of time you’ll want to make your application by knowing how long it will take.

Purpose of this application

Knowing what the purpose of your application is will help you orient your steps. An application is different if you want to use it for your customers, your sales team, your suppliers, etc.


With the rise in sales of smartphones and connected items today, it is essential to know this factor. Application development depends heavily on this, the want of applications on a smartphone or tablet is not the same.

Operating System

Knowing the medium through which you are going to launch your application is not enough, you need to know the platform on which you want to develop this application. This question is quick for a big budget. To be as efficient as possible, for small budgets, you need to target the platform that best matches your goal. (Here’s a link to help you understand the different operating systems)

specific option

With regard to structuring your application, you should be aware that each additional option increases development time and cost. It is necessary to know the options (search bar, online payment system, etc.) to add to your application.

Here’s the first premise for building an application. Of course, the case is different for each application and the information may vary. Based on their capabilities, specialized agencies will assist you with these launch projects.

I hope it has been as generalist as possible to give you an idea here and thus save your time to build your application. Don’t hesitate to use the comments to add other sources and useful information on this topic.

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