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If you have an email list, a good mail sequence can do Dramatically increase your income, It’s also the one who can count most of your salesTherefore it should not be neglected. But an email sequence cannot be repaired, there are types of emails that sell much more than others, In this article, I’ll tell you the types of emails that generate real results (most professional copywriters use them)…

What is email sequence?

These are emails to sell your product that accompany your sales page.

For example if you launch your product for 1 week.

You can send 5, 6 or 7 emails on the subject of your product so that people want to click on the sales page, then read the whole page and then buy.

If you don’t have otherwise, few people will see your sales page, so your efforts may be in vain.

In short, it is a gateway to discover your offers.,

This is why an email sequence in addition to your sales page is almost essential to generate good results.

In this article, we will look at how to build a very good email sequence, as specific emails have to be followed in order to make a sale.

It’s not enough to just send an email and talk about the product.

In effect, an email sequence is a sales page divided into multiple emails, Whether you sell by email or on a sales page, the process is the same.

To sell, you need:

  • to attract attention ;
  • Touch Reader to continue reading;
  • want people (make people dream);
  • Then talk about the product;
  • and prove its reliability;
  • Now push to act.

Now I am going to give you 6 types of emails to make a great streak and make more sales.

Mel n ° 1: attract attention

This email has the same purpose as a title.

It should attract the reader to read the email.

And if he reads it in its entirety, chances are he will read future emails. (and if so that’s a good sign)

This should make him want to read the entire e-mail sequence.

But how do you attract readers?

There are several ways to do this:

  • You can play on curiosity, humans are very curious and want to know a lot

For example, by saying something shocking that isn’t common about you.
Something that is against the grain, people would like to know why.
It’s okay to have anything that piques your readers’ curiosity.

  • You can donate directly to those who want

Quite simply by creating content with “How To…”.
All interested parties will read the email. (simple and efficient)

Here are examples of titles to be developed for creating the first email.

Mel n ° 2: sympathy

In this email, you must show that you understand the reader.

That you know his problems, his frustrations, his fears, what he is going through.

you have to show that You are there to help him, so he will listen to you,

How to do ?

  • describe his situation exactly (the problem he wants to solve with his life and that your product solves);
  • State the consequences of this problem;
  • Say what feeling it gives him (disappointment, anger, depression…).

Example :
a person is fat = status
This person lacks confidence and is afraid of the eyes of others = Consequences
He is angry with loved ones = emotion

Then you have to give solution, what to do to fix this problem,

But of course you don’t have to say everything. (otherwise your product is no longer worthless

You have to say what to do, but not exactly how.

for our example, we can say that the solution is a diet that is not too restrictive and depends on the individual.

The person knows the solution, but still does not know how.

It’s your product that will show that.

Mel n ° 3: make people dream

It could not be clear.

This email is used to dream the reader.

This is very powerful because we all like to imagine a better life.

Your product logically solves a problem.

And your reader will want a life without this famous problem which more or less ruins his life.

Making him the dream of this life will make him want to buy your product to make his wish come true,

There is a very efficient way for this.

It’s just one word.

“to imagine”

You will tell him:
– “Imagine if… you would have x and y in your life”
– “Imagine if… your life would be better without z”

You can say it as many times as you want.

What matters is how the reader feels transported.

After this email, he must be really motivated to solve this problem forever. (and read the end of the mail sequence)

Mel n ° 4: offer

It’s just now that you talk about your offer, not before. (and I insist)

Talking directly about your offer in your first email won’t make you sell more.

It will also repel the reader, so I don’t recommend it.

We don’t like being attacked when we are sold something straight away.

But on the other hand, if we want the product, we will not hold back.

So we must first create desire (which we did with the beginning of the email sequence) then to sell,

In this mail you just have to talk about your product.

  • Say, what it is;
  • say who it is for (the product is not for everyone, you must specify who it is for);
  • Say your product’s special touch (different than your competitors, because your product is simply not available in the market);
  • And finally, make bullet points.

If you don’t know the bullet points, these are the 2 blue arrows to make a list.

We will use it to say what is in our product. (this is Very powerful)

for example :
In this product you will find:

  • How to do…
  • x fast method
  • Don’t make 4 mistakes…
  • The process for…
  • How are you…
  • 6 ways to…
  • Etcetera.

You have to say what the person will be looking for in your product while creating desire and curiosity.

Mel n ° 5: Reliability

On the Internet, it’s hard to trust.

Your product may be a scam.
It may not live up to your promises.
Maybe that doesn’t solve his problem.
Maybe your product is too expensive for what it offers.

Not everyone knows this, so they are careful.

He has objections to all these questions. (reason not to buy)

And your mission in this email is to counter any objection.,

you have to sure,

There are 3 ways for this.

1: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

People are asking a lot of questions about your product.

“Will this product help me if…”
“What if I’m not satisfied?” ,
“Why this award?”
“Does this product speak for…”
“Does this guarantee my success?”

you have to answer all their questions,

Because every question has a reason not to buy.

Think about all the questions readers may have.

Or even put the questions they ask you privately directly in your email sequence.

and answer it.

2: Guarantee

This method is a classic.

If you are told that you are not satisfied with the product, you will get a full refund.

You will have little hesitation in buying, because you will not waste your money,

It is simple and efficient.

And don’t be afraid that people will take advantage of your guarantee to get their money back.

Obviously, some people (very few) will do this.

But it’s worth it compared to the extra sales you’ll make with this guarantee. (you will not regret it)

pay attention: I recommend you 100% money-back guarantee without any conditions.
It is most effective most of the time.
But if it is a very expensive product and you are scared, you can add conditions to get reimbursed.

3: Testimonials

People don’t know what’s in your product.

So they don’t know whether he is fine or not.

But those who have already bought know this.

Ask them for advice.

If only he had a positive opinion.

This is because your product is good.

Thanks to this, there are no more nasty surprises than a poor quality product.,

Because others have tested for us.

pay attention: You can present this as a score out of 5 (like most businesses).
You can also put screenshots of customers who have given you their feedback in a private message.

Mel n ° 6: Emergency

This technique is one of the most well-known methods on sale.

This is an offer for a limited time only.

It could be for example:

  • A promo that will end soon;
  • Your product is no longer available;
  • Limited number of places (which will not be available if there is no more space).

What is needed is to motivate the reader to act now,

Because the opportunity will not come again. (or if so, but in the long run)

This method is very effective.

This is the last email that will make you the majority of your sales.

Because they must have waited till the last moment for all the arguments to buy.

Now that they want to buy, it is available on the last day so they will buy on that day.

Your target in this mail.

just to remind them that this is the end,

If you don’t say so.

Many people who wanted to buy would miss out on offers or promotions.

That would be a shame.

All you have to do is create a short email and say…

  • “Promo/Product closing today, it’s last day to buy.
    Here is the link / button to make the payment »

And you can remember what’s in your product if you want.

Or talk again about what he will have (how his life will change) to make ends meet if he buys.

Bonus: Second Emergency

Since most readers will be shopping on the last day.

You can put even more emphasis on the deadline for your proposal.

Imagine they forgot to buy.

It would be a shame to miss the sale.

In this email you just have to remember how much time is left to buy. (Send this a few hours before your offer expires)

This email is shorter than n°6.

This is really the case if you want to drive even more sales by sending a simple, short email.,

Conclusion mail sequence

Here are my 6 emails (+1) for launching great products.

But I still have one important thing to tell you,

You can modify this mail sequence, only one does not exist.

For example, if your launch lasts more than a week, you can add other emails:

  • One that talks about giving value to just about the subject of your product for free (x how-to);
  • One for giving a free sample of your product.

Or if you do a short order, you can use the AIDA formula in 4 emails

A little reminder:

  • to attract attention ;
  • Touch Reader to continue reading;
  • want people (make people dream);
  • Then talk about the product;
  • prove his credibility;
  • Now push to act.

If you want to know more about copywriting to increase your sales through better written texts,
I email my clients everything I know about sales by sending them 2 emails per week with lots of advice. You can subscribe to receive my emails by clicking the yellow button at the top of the page (right next to my profile).

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