5 Writing Techniques to Attract Your Audience

When you choose a content strategy as a way to find customers without prospecting, attracting your audience isn’t always easy. That’s why I’m revealing these writing techniques to captivate your audience, be read in full and make a difference to your topic at the end…

Last Friday, on the phone with a client of mine, who explained to me that her main problem was a lack of interaction with her audience.

But also the fact of not being read.

She was expressing some frustration to me for spending hours writing her blog post so that I didn’t get much response.

She says that she has the same problem with her Instagram account which is her preferred means of communication with her audience.

He ended up touching the answer with his finger… the real question was how to be more impressive? How to capture and attract an audience? How do you get your reader to read the second sentence, then the third…

This client did well to turn to a copywriter whose job it is to use words to get his readers to take action (and buy).

This is one reason to master the basics of copywriting when you have an online business.

There are many copywriting methods to capture and engage your audience so that they can interact with your content. And so, with you and so that your audience becomes fan ambassadors.

You should first draw your attention through an introduction,

Then thank you for the words that you write on paper, thank you for the specific ways,

And finally, ask him to interact with a call to action.

My client left with these 5 writing techniques I’m about to reveal to you. You will find others here…

First of 5 Writing Techniques to Attract Your Audience: KISS

The KISS writing technique is very simple to attract your audience and will help you make yourself understandable by everyone.

KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple and Stupid, which means to write simple text that everyone can understand.

The goal of this technique is for everyone to read and understand.

So no jargon, no problem.

Your sentences should be as short as possible.

Your sentences should be accessible to a 5 year old child.

Your sentences need to repeat the same message in different ways.

That’s exactly what Trump did during his presidential election in 2017. The software analyzed three of his speeches.

It turns out that Trump uses shorter sentences, repeating the same word an average of 7.7 times.

He uses monosyllabic words and starts speaking slowly.

So in order to explain and persuade, he needed to make himself accessible to a whole lot of people, using repetition and simple words.

You can also use this technique in writing. With our experience, we don’t always realize that we are using technical terminology or that we have forgotten to explain a step that seems obvious to us. And, repetition is the basis of all educational learning.

As for which technique to practice, there is nothing better than repeating your lesson aloud. And, it’s even better if you have someone by your side to proofread you.

Don’t Make Your Reader Feel Guilty

If one thing comes up over and over again, it is making the reader feel guilty, often unconsciously.

There is much better to do.

That thing is about finding a common enemy.

Is he not being successful in achieving the results he has set for himself? Can’t make progress? Doesn’t he manage to meet this particular need?

It’s because we didn’t tell him everything… that your competitors are keeping it a secret… or that our society is preventing people like him from flourishing.

To determine your common enemy, look at your thematic exercises that bother you. Techniques that haunt you to the highest point. It can also be a method of communication, an incomplete offer, an exorbitant price.

By finding your common enemy, you’ll also discover your element of differentiation.

For example, concerning copywriting, I can’t stand my colleagues who sell dreams, promise to become billionaires in 1 week… in short, for me people who use human psychology to manipulate We do. This annoys me very quickly, putting it further, the clients I attract have a different way of looking at the offers.

This copywriting technique will allow you to rally real fans.

You at 70% and I at 30%

The classic mistake everyone makes…and, it’s normal. We are designed to think only of ourselves, for our own good. It is not a form of selfishness, but a form of survival that our ancestors developed so that we are still here.

That’s why our problems will often seem more interesting to us than our neighbors.

So this kind of thinking goes on till our writing. As you read, repeat sentences with “I” to use “you.”

Did you notice the use of common enemy in this paragraph?

be specific

This point is like writing technique to attract your audience for the next paragraph. Being specific will help you feel more confident.

To be specific, we can use numbers. And instead of saying, my personal email already has 1000 subscribers, give the exact number when you write.

You know, we often see on websites, I’ve helped so many entrepreneurs, or I’ve spent so many hours on this project… that’s what has to be specific.

For example, if you sell training online, you can specify the exact time one of your videos will play.

When you tell a story, for example, state the exact date, instead of saying, it was from 4 years ago. Being specific also works for times of day, locations.

The more details you give, the more your readers will be able to project themselves and the more likely you are to keep their online attention.

Show Don’t Know: A Copywriting Technique to Attract Your Audience

Not only does this method allow you to thank your audience for the sentiment you’ll give them, it’s also a method often used by copywriters to persuade, because it’s effective.

You’ll understand soon…

You have to describe, show, prove the situation instead of saying it.

more concretely,

do not tell :

my method works but shows customer testimonials

You’re going to get rich, but describe how your reader feels when they hear the sound of PayPal notifications.

Often with this method, you will naturally use images, metaphors, style elements that will make your texts more fluid and therefore more enjoyable to read. while remaining accessible and understandable by its reader.

Of course, there are a number of methods you can use to grab and hold your reader’s attention. I’m thinking specifically of storytelling or the use of emotional lift. Using strong and effective words is also very useful.

Have fun with these 5 writing techniques for engaging your audience, making them more influential, persuading better, and ultimately selling better.

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