5 WordPress Page Builders

Page builders are ubiquitous in website building, on CMS and in particular WordPress. Their functionality as well as their integration modules are generally similar from one manufacturer to another, but each is unique in terms of ergonomics, customization and ease of integration…

Definition: What is Page Builder?

A web page builder represents a tool that facilitates the creation of a layout, or the integration of an element on your website. It’s installed on the “Backoffice” side, and there are plenty of plugins on WordPress to use the page editor.

Page builders allow you to import pre-designed functionality, which you can modify to your liking.

A creator integrates editing and modification of a page’s content.

Why Use Page Builder in WordPress?

On WordPress, learning a builder is never easy, and above all there are many.

  • save time when creating a website;
  • Use pre-designed templates;
  • Modify and adjust the style easily;
  • There’s no need for HTML/CSS, everything’s already done for you!

If you have a habit of buying Envato. on wordpress theme, try to use the editor you are familiar with. This will save you a waste of time (and money).

The default page editor installed on WordPress does not allow creating super custom looks without coding the CSS. In fact, it’s usually your theme that includes the style of your menu, your pages, and your footers…

Choosing your own page editor isn’t always easy. Not sure how to compare them? One looks better than the other, but relying on looks is often not a good idea…

There are a few things to consider when defining a good page editor:

  • ease of integration
  • code optimization (PHP query, CSS code, HTML code)
  • database optimization
  • presence of support/community/support
  • Security of the extension (its update frequency, its popularity, etc.)
  • And of course, its reputation, customer reviews

All these criteria should be taken into account when choosing a page editor, but the same applies for all other extensions…

5 Famous Page Editors in WordPress

You probably want to create a beautiful website and highlight your content?

So, discover 5 famous page builders here:

  • block
  • Elementor
  • WP Bakery
  • visual composer
  • live musicians


DIVI is the most popular and is used on WordPress. It is a very complete composer that allows you to design and customize every part of your website from scratch.

Accessible for beginners, expandable for experts, it stands out for its simple and ergonomic interface.


Elementor is a popular page builder for its drag-and-drop page building system.

This plugin integrates 90 ready-to-use widgets to develop a set of elements on a single page. Practical, fun and easy to use, it has it all!

WP Bakery

WPbakery is a well-known tool among Envato users. Actually, it is present on many premium themes.

If you master certain aspects of web development, you can combine them with WPBakery to create a functional and professional site. feel free to If you want to know anything more about WPBakery then follow this tutorial,

Typically, this plugin is used to modify imported demos from themes, but it also allows you to create much more.

visual composer

Visual Composer is a builder that is often confused with WPBakery, but it is actually a separate plugin. Like Elementor, it allows you to create pages directly on your site’s storefront (in drag-and-drop mode on the front-end).

Visual Composer is a very polished and representative version of a modern, high-performance page editor.

live musicians

Live Composer is an easy to learn builder. It has a minimalist, but very effective drag and drop system to integrate modules very quickly.

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