5 web and cooking concepts that will delight the gourmet!

Cooking on television isn’t just fashion! Question new concepts and interesting ideas, web and social networks like tiktok haven’t finished feasting you… I offer here a short overview into 5 trends of new web and kitchen concepts that will have you in front of your screen. Will make saliva. Be careful, this article may take your appetite seriously!

1. Restaurant food delivered to your home

Before being reserved for pizza and sushi, home delivery sites have been evolving at a rapid pace for some time now. To believe that we don’t want to leave our house anymore‚Ķ or that generation Y that has become parents doesn’t want to invest in babysitters!

In short, it is a trend to have a restaurant at home, in which the pleasures vary. If we all know Eloresto by name, whose campaigns we’ve seen on the subway recently, I’ll quote Parisian Take It Easy and also for its attractive interface:


As well as the Tok Tok Tok site for the variety of its offers and the accuracy of possible searches:

tok tok tok

To finish off with Miamtag for your breakfast, brunch, picnic, aperitif or lunch at the office! (Tested and approved by the Webmarketing & Co team and its Marketing Space colleagues!)


2. Sharing Meals

If you’ve had enough restaurant dishes and you’re looking for more authentic dishes, another trend this time may appeal to you: Savor Private Cordon Blues’ nice little homemade dishes, in the take-out version Or straight at home!

To do this, go to My Neighbors Kitchen to find the good cooks that are hiding near you and order them homemade dishes:

my neighbor cooks

And if you prefer to savor the cuisines of Internet users right at home, invite yourself to dine in private homes around the world with Widget!


3. Ready-to-Cook “Kits”

Well, after being lazy and ordering ready-made dishes, we go to the stove. And to make your job easier, you can test out ready-to-cook kits that offer you a week’s worth of menus (ingredients and recipes) that are delivered to your home!

Classic Cuisine Edition with 4 Dinners in 4 Days, Fun Cuisine with Foodet or World Cuisine with Cook in the World: The choice is yours!

cooking in the world

And if you just want to cook one meal, you can try Cook’s Angels, for example, which delivers all the ingredients needed for pre-measured, peeled, and shredded meal preparation with chef’s recipes. Is!

cook angels

4. Special Gourmet Boxes

The concept of boxes, these mystery boxes filled with the amazing products you get at regular intervals have spread to the world of kitchens.

Thus, Kitchen Trotter, for example, which I had the opportunity to test, offers a “box” each month that will let you discover a new gourmet destination with products and recipes to make perfect meals (not all ingredients are included). ). In the box, they are the basic products to be supplemented with spices and fresh produce).

kitchen trotter

Even a little word about French Cocotte which offers you to redecorate the kitchen every month with a box in which you will find utensils, ingredients and recipes for healthy and seasonal cooking! The Extra Thing About French Cocotte? A tailor-made playlist to suit your music kitchen box, no class?

french casserole

5. Crowdfunding dedicated to cooking

Do you know crowdfunding? It is a concept of community funding that allows entrepreneurs who have ideas that appeal to the public to raise funds to make them come true. And when you’re a real foodie, you need to know the crowdfunding platform dedicated to this universe: Food Rising! (Go take a look at “Mod’s Motley Fool”, I tasted and it’s really tasty and original).

grow food

I hope this little overview has whetted your appetite and I look forward to seeing you soon for another web and kitchen article, this time dedicated to community management of brands in the food world! Until then you can find me on my Over-Cookie blog.

If you have basic web and kitchen concepts to share with us, go to the comments of this article, we’re interested!!

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