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It’s impossible to neglect updating your company’s marketing strategies if you want it to align with the competition and meet the expectations of your customers. Their habits have evolved following the development of technologies. So you must adapt to them to provide them with an optimum customer experience. To be successful in a retail campaign, it is not superfluous to know the trends prevailing in 2023 …

Retail Sales, Considering Overseas Platforms

The e-commerce sector is constantly evolving, adapting to new consumer habits. The latter enjoys visiting the online sales sites of foreign brands.

According to Shopify, just over 52% of retail sales are done on Chinese markets and platforms due to the very low cost. Therefore, in 2023, it is necessary to take into account this interest of buyers in products of foreign brands. It is also important that you provide them with the unique user experience they can feel when they visit a physical store.

a personalized shopping experience

Retail isn’t just goodwill. Consumers need to realize that they are not the only financial gainers. Conversion rates are much higher when brands offer them a personalized shopping experience. To achieve this, you must offer ads tailored to your customers’ center of interest. Invite them into your universe so that they become pregnant with it and identify with it. The goal is to get them to interact with you.

Environment at the center of consumer concerns

Your retail strategy should take into account a parameter that is becoming increasingly important today. Consumers today are more sensitive to environmental issues. Favor a short cycle of means of distribution that limits your company’s environmental footprint. In 2023, this awareness will be even stronger and have an even greater impact on your turnover.

In fact, it appears that consumers were more tempted to purchase from sites that showed a certain commitment to the environment. Also, although they are up to date with new technologies, they prefer to maintain relationships and human interaction in physical stores, which is not the case when shopping online. Listening to your consumers will give you a better understanding of what they need.

Voice search a solution that will become even more necessary in 2023

In the context of retail trade, new technologies are gradually imposing themselves. According to more than 80% of them, interacting with voice assistants is not a problem for them. Physical stores give them a chance to touch the product they want to buy, try it, test it. That’s why you should provide this experience to your customers when they visit your online store.

Offer them a virtual tour using Augmented Reality. This way they will be able to better represent what you buy by immersing themselves in the universe you have created for them. Also in this area, don’t ignore voice search, as more and more consumers are choosing this solution to make their request.

In fact, the need for quick and relevant answers is met by voice search. In addition, it brings you closer to your consumers and instantly inspires a sense of thanks to the conversational tone adopted. In retail, the use of voice assistants by individuals makes it possible to determine their habits with great accuracy. It is also possible that the intimate details they wake up to in the morning or their musical tastes as well as the purchases they have made earlier…

CRO to optimize conversion rates on your site

CRO or conversion rate optimization strategy involves optimizing the conversion rate on your site. It is a way to identify all the optimization levers at each level of the customer journey. The analysis will be based on data collection. This can be quantitative related to the number of visitors to your site, average basket volume and bounce rate. It will also be cognitive and will be primarily concerned with the feelings of Internet users during their navigation to your site.

They may feel satisfied with the quality of your services, or may feel impatience because of the very high response times to their requests… The technical aspect should also be taken into account, as more and more, Internet users are increasingly are in a hurry. They need instant answers, quick access to the product of their choice. Thus, they will actually sanction a loading time that is too long.

Retailing is not just a way to sell your products. The stakes are high. It is a question of facing increasingly tough competition, taking into account the environmental issues that are increasingly making their mark, but also of understanding the changes in our current society to adopt a winning strategy for 2023. ,

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