5 tools to try for graphic design

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing at an alarming rate across all sectors in 2023, with an expected annual growth rate of 37.7%! After introducing AI-based tools for web authoring, make way for tools for graphic design…

1. Midjourney, Benchmark!

Midjourney has been one of the popular AI image generators of its kind with over 15 million users under its belt since its launch in June 2022. Recently, Midjourney v5.1 has been making a lot of headlines! Based entirely on the Discord platform, this AI tool can generate images in seconds from instructions or “cues” provided by users. With Midjourney, you can design a wide variety of images ranging from art to characters and scenes.

Its use is very diverse: you can use Midjourney to create ads or even set up SEO campaigns. Indeed, this tool is extremely versatile, it can be used for both filmmakers and video game developers. Thus, the latter will be able to generate through AI: decorations, photorealistic images, characters as well as the objects needed for their works. MIdjourney also offers the possibility to select a specific artistic style, in order to produce a more immersive and aesthetic rendering.

Note that after the first 25 generations of free images, the service becomes chargeable.

2. Team-A2, Shakti

Do you know OpenAI? The famous company owned by a certain Elon Musk that designed the famous ChatGPT? Well, imagine that same Tech Box being the brains behind the Dall-E 2! As for the name, it is a fusion between the name of the Spanish artist Salvador Dali and the Pixar robot, Wall-E. This tool is great for generating art or visuals from the details you provide.

With 3.5 billion parameters, the performance of Dall-E 2 is such that it is capable of creating illustrations for books, artificial scenarios, visuals for social networks and more! In addition, this tool provides a search engine that allows you to display images similar to your searches. The Dall-E 2 also allows you to customize images however you wish, allowing you to modify textures, perspectives, or change colors.

Dall-E 2 is free, but becomes paid after a certain threshold. To test it completely free of charge, you have the Dall-E Mini Lite version.

3. Sensei, Adobe’s latest gem

The parent company of the famous Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign did not want to be left behind in the race for artificial intelligence. Indeed, the American company has developed Adobe Sensei, a tool based on machine learning, to quickly and easily design customer experiences or visuals.

While working on your design, Adobe Sensei can act as your assistant and give you photo-realistic effects. Furthermore, if you need relevant content, you can also perform an intuitive search within the interface.

One of the main strengths of this tool is the provision of real-time information that helps the designer predict customer behavior and provide personalized customer experiences. To do this, Adobe Sensei relies on various criteria such as properties, spacing, and conversion factors. This includes targeting audiences with customized and evolved experiences as well as personalized offers.

4. Nightcafe, for aesthetics

Night Cafe Creator is a free AI-based art creation software released in 2019. Popular with Internet users, it allows a wide range of visuals to be designed. Along with text-to-image operation, it provides various predefined effects and styles for your images: cosmic, oil painting, surrealism, cyberpunk, etc.

Speed ​​is one of Nightcafe’s greatest assets: it only takes a few minutes to produce art that looks good and proper. The app is free (with limitations), but you can purchase AI-generated images from the website. By purchasing your artwork, it can be printed and shipped to your home.

5. Fotosonic, for artists

Photosonic is the perfect tool for designers, budding artists, or just anyone who wants to see their ideas and thoughts come to life. Depending on the AI, it allows access to a wide variety of artistic styles. You’re sure to find the right one for your digital art project.

Photosonic gives you complete freedom over your projects: it’s up to you to control and adjust the quality of your images according to your needs. A multitude of possibilities are offered by the tool, including landscapes, photorealistic computer graphics or even fictional characters. On top of that, it allows you to convert the images you create into paintings.

Easy-to-use, Photosonic is versatile and adapts to any type of project. It can be suitable for many professionals like short/feature filmmakers, designers or digital marketing specialists. Although Photosonic is not a free tool, it operates on a credit basis. For example, it costs $10 for 100 credits.

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