5 tools to know in 2022 to manage your social networks

When you create online content and manage social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google My Business and Tiktok, the work can be overwhelming. The job of a community manager is not easy…

A Community Manager is now a versatile digital actor, be it in terms of content creation, formatting of publications, advertisements, retargeting, reports, learning and more.

But there are some essential community manager tools on the market in 2021 that can optimize these actions and the results of your SMO strategies.

Community Management evolved in 2021 and will evolve in 2022. New trends are emerging like e-reputation of companies (consumers), advent of tiktok, clubhouse etc.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the social media tools that every good community manager should have.

let’s go !

Top 5 tools in 2022 to be able to manage your social networks

1) HubSpot Marketing Hub

This is the HubSpot tool to efficiently manage your social networks. It is both ergonomic and practical to follow your prospects and customer loyalty journey.

What Marketing Hub offers:

  • Schedule posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn;
  • Follow up published publications;
  • Have an e-Hearing and know every time your account is mentioned;
  • Connect a free CRM with your prospects.

The only downside is that it is quite expensive.

2) LocalRanker

Google Planning LocalRanker

LocalRanker is an all-in-one local marketing and social media management tool for point-of-sale networks. This is new to the list which allows you to have a reputation dimension with the opinions of your stores or agencies.

What LocalRanker offers:

  • Schedule Facebook publications and Google My Business posts;
  • publish posts to multiple establishments at the same time (from 1 to 1000 at once);
  • Reply to your Facebook, Truspilot, Google reviews all in one platform;
  • Answer all your thoughts on LocalRanker (manually, semi-automatically, automatically);
  • Optimize your listing with the site’s local SEO audit and Google My Business;
  • modify information on both Google and Facebook on multiple files at the same time;
  • Post your reviews on your site with the review widget.

The price depends on the number of installations.

3) buffer

The Buffer platform specializes in scheduling publications on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest. It is possible to schedule using buffer schedules. The tool is quite easy to use and allows you to:

  • Manage multiple social networks at the same time except GMB;
  • Personalize publications;
  • For beginners, suggest publishing time;
  • Receive and respond to multiple comments on your various social networks;
  • Analyze the performance of your social networks and create beautiful reports.

The price is based on the number of posts and social networks you want to manage in the month.

4) LinkSite

Linksight has a little surprise this year. The tool allows you to create a link in an Instagram biography that brings all your digital content together.

What does LinkSight offer? You can do this :

  • Create a link that brings all your content (YouTube, Facebook, Blog, TikTok) together;
  • Schedule your posts on Linksight;
  • Personalize your Page according to your branding;
  • View statistics (clicks, views, visits).

5) Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a social media management platform. It is a tool for SMEs and VSEs who want to manage their presence on social networks.

What Proposal Agorapules?

  • Get a detailed overview of your social media engagement;
  • Reply to comments with just a few clicks;
  • Create an editorial calendar of your publications;
  • centralization of interaction with Internet users;
  • Generate comprehensive reports fairly quickly.

6) Mention

If you are looking for a tool to monitor social networks then you can use Mention. This tool gives alerts where your business is mentioned on any social network and allows you to understand what internet users think. It aims to monitor e-reputation with alerts.

What does the Mention offer?

  • Track by hashtag or by certain keywords;
  • Publish content from the mention;
  • Present comprehensive statistics on your industry;

There is a free version, but the paid version is really different.

7) Canva

If you don’t know how to create content, Canva may be the solution for you. The content creation platform is easier to use than Photoshop.

It’s free and allows you to modify scenes, create them, and create animations. In addition, it is one of the most commonly used tools by community managers and communication agencies today.

What does Canva offer?

  • Create content using templates and themes (e-books, cards, etc.);
  • Share your creations with your teams;
  • Create Videos.

There is a version that provides access to more templates and content.

Here you are, you have all the keys to better manage your social networks in 2022. It’s up to you!

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