5 super simple ways to break into TikTok

With around 1.5 billion active users, most of whom are young people, TikTok is a real springboard for your brand growth and rejuvenation. But the question is, how can a company stand on this application? Follow this short guide to know how to break into TikTok…

Understand the benefits of using TikTok for your business

Although TikTok was adopted as a teenager, it has consistently attracted the attention of young adults (nearly 70% of its active users are under 40), making it a prime target for brands that cater to Millennials. And want to attract Generation Z.

Here are some surprising numbers that might convince you to give TikTok a try:

  • The app has been downloaded over 1.65 billion times;
  • Between January and March 2022, TikTok is the most downloaded application in the world;
  • The average user opens the app more than 8 times a day;
  • TikTok’s largest age group is 18-24, followed by 13-17;
  • About 60 percent of Tiktok users are women.

make entertainment a priority

Before you even consider highlighting your presence on TikTok, take the time to check out the plethora of videos posted there every day. You’ll notice that these are essentially fun, entertaining videos that feature humorous sketches, music, or even dance. To attract this young audience, your ads should choose topics that can entertain, make them laugh, inspire them. So leave out annoying topics, too moral or too serious.

Give your company a more human image

Creating videos for TikTok is a way to build a community, build a relationship of trust with your prospects, and retain your former customers. So prioritize authenticity in your publications to give your company a more engaging and accessible image. For example, your videos invite your customers to get to know your brand and your teams, see your daily life differently, and sometimes interact with you.

This approach helps generate engagement and makes them feel that you care about them. For example, if you’re a company in the take-out or delivery sector, stage a sassy delivery man who sketches out some dance steps.

Collaborate with Influential People

Currently, the stars of social networks are influential, who are followed by thousands, even millions of subscribers. Influence marketing is hard to ignore! Influencers are present in all areas that spark the interest of young people (and old people) and are great allies for your business.

By collaborating with influencers, you gain their audience, because they will talk about your products, wear them if they are clothes, taste them if you offer food products. They will share tips and give their opinion. If these are positive, you will benefit from the repercussions of their fame, provided you choose one that matches the values ​​you convey.

Choose the right ad format based on your audience

Tik Tok provides you with a variety of ad formats on TikTok For Business so that you can expose yourself to a young audience whose interests vary according to trends and influences. This will allow you to optimize your strategies and generate more traffic, then to optimize your conversion rate:

  • Hashtags : Use the most popular hashtags through the Hashtag Challenge to encourage visitors to share a given tag. The goal of the game is to generate buzz and direct other users to your content;
  • Brand acquisition or acquisition Allows you to restart the application for a day and make videos that are always more funny, more enjoyable to watch by inserting funny, cheeky GIFs or images … Also, link to website or Is integrated there to direct on any other media. of your company;
  • infeed video, This is an ad format that appears on your users’ videos when they watch them. It functions similarly to Snapchat or Instagram ads: it runs in full screen, is skippable, and should last 60 seconds or less (though the ideal length is 15 seconds);
  • top view : This is an ad that can last up to 60 seconds and appears at the top of the TikTok feed as soon as the user opens the application;
  • Ebrand influence : You can create brand effects (such as games, stickers, filters, special effects) that users can apply to their videos.

TikTok has become an essential tool for implementing a marketing strategy aimed at a young audience always looking for innovation and entertainment. However, you still need to be aware of trends so that you can improve or update your videos so that they continue to attract public attention and inspire them to create UGC or user generated content.

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