5 Steps to Creating a Good Ad

On a daily basis, we are constantly faced with advertisements. Advertisements on television, on the radio, on billboards, in our mailboxes and now on social networks. As we know, advertising plays an important role in communication and marketing. But how do you make a good ad?

1- Ask yourself the right questions

The first thing to ask yourself is why you want to create an ad. It is necessary to identify the motivation of this desire, then clearly define its motives. For example, the objective could be notoriety or even conversion. What do we want to highlight in this ad? What medium and format will we use? How long will the broadcast last? Which KPIs to choose? Which sentence will be highlighted? How will the scene be? Remember to write down your ambitions for this campaign, for example reach 5000 people, get 3000 likes, have an engagement rate of 0.9%.

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In short, all the questions you have to ask revolve around the creation and distribution of advertising. Don’t forget to communicate all the information to the relevant teams so that everyone can go in the same direction.

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2- targeting

One of the major factors that makes an advertisement successful is that it has touched and moved its audience. This requires defining upstream the people targeted by advertising who are concerned who need or will need it. By doing your market research, or targeting yourself, you have been able to define the need that your business meets. You know which people are affected by one or more of your services or products.

Remember, your ad doesn’t have to be targeted at everyone. It may not match all your targeting. For example, if you offer skin care products, your new ad highlights a cream for pregnant women and new moms. You would target these and this would not include older women who want to target their wrinkles, women who have a specific skin problem or even men. Choose the right audience, and optimize. Also, when setting up your ad on social networks, remember to clearly identify the areas of interest to your targets.


3- Define the message

You must define one or more messages per target in your communication strategy. From these, you will be able to create a specific message for your advertising campaign. It will be a clear message, suited to your goal. That is to say, it should suit the characteristics of your audience, their lifestyle and address a topic they are sensitive to. If it isn’t, your ad will be completely missed by the people it was intended to target, or even go unnoticed! Remember that a sentence that will be on your scene or accompany your ad should be short, direct, and grab your audience’s attention.


4- Create a scene

For your ad’s message to follow, visualization is very important. This is what connects your brand to your audience. Above all, it is a key element in promoting good. The scene should be clear and compelling. There should not be too much information or vice versa there should not be enough information. With your objectives and messages defined, you know the direction you want to go. You know what you want to push, the message that this campaign will communicate. Send a strong message, show how you are strong, different, how you meet the needs of your goals. Your audience will only see the scene for a few seconds. You have to attract attention with color, a photo, a sentence, music. In short, work hard while staying structured and clear.

analyze the results

5- Analyze the results

What is good advertising? Who decides whether it worked or not? To do this, you need to analyze the results to say whether your campaign performed or not. With digital, it is possible to have statistics for advertisements broadcast on social networks. It is even more possible to watch the development of the campaign according to the chosen objective during the broadcast. It is up to you to analyze based on defined KPIs whether your ad worked, did it achieve your objectives, ambitions, do you have results. It’s time to see if the targeting was correct, if the message was received. Otherwise, it is an opportunity to revise, learn from mistakes, adjust some parameters. Then you’ll be able to do great ads!

As you must have understood that making a good advertisement is not like this, good preparation is necessary. Apart from this, you also have to pay attention to every detail and be attentive to the results. Now you can share ads that will do well!

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