5 Steps to Build a Foolproof Capture Page in 30 Minutes

Hi all webers. Today, I want to share with you a devilishly effective method. This allows you to capture massive customers, without breaking your head with advertising or complicated tunnels, thanks to the most powerful tool in the business: copywriting…

We all know how big an email list is in a business.

This is the best way to build a connection with your audience, to create a sense of closeness.

Daily content after achieving dazzling personality and values:

  • You will gain an engaged audience to jump on all their products and follow you to the ends of the earth;
  • You will be able to live (very) comfortably with your business.

But before all this happens, it is already necessary that it is registered with your list. And trust me, it’s easier said than done.

This article summarizes in 5 simple steps how to create a capture page that converts up to 50% in 30 minutes without sacrificing aesthetics. Nothing else.

let’s go.

1/ double benefit promise title + crescendo subtitle

It all starts with a catchy promise that gives your reader the double benefit of understanding what awaits them.

You can also start by citing the benefits of your offer: Why should he enter his name in your capture page?

Then show her that you understand her by talking to her about her problems. Show that you know how to solve them.

Simple as pie, devilishly effective. Copywriting.

subtitle crescendo

Give 3 good reasons to add them to your list immediately, ending with your reader’s ultimate dream.


Once you’ve taken the time to find your reader’s needs to make it a perfect subtitle, you slide the call to action right down. It will make reading smooth and easy.

→ where do i click For joining this incredible email list that will change my life?! Here is mine.

3/Bullet Points

As with any sales pitch, essential bullet points have a role to play in your capture page.

Here, there’s no need to build a crate and write down 36 over-optimized bullet points. Choose three well thought out ones and add a fourth as a bonus.

it’s this way :

We all like to have 3 products + 1 free instead of just 4 products for the same price. Anyway it works on me and my milk cartons.

This is human psychology, so apply it to your page and admire the results.

4/ Testimonials

No need to procrastinate, social proof is still a great way to reassure the reader.

Hey, that’s funny, it’s also a necessary step in the sales page… yes, basics always sell better than everything else. Holy copywriting.

Here’s an example :

If you don’t have testimonials from your customers or your readers, you can add credibility in the next step.

We pay attention to a situation and small touches of humor to confirm an identity. Obviously you don’t need to wear it if that’s not your thing.

5/ Tell us something about yourself

Your reader takes up 80% of your capture page, but enough of that.

Tell a little about yourself, show who you are, what you’ve done. Why are you giving them here what you are doing today?

No need to stay long and bring up Uncle Laurent’s anecdotes at Christmas dinner (even if good ones).

You add a call to action with the date of your next content (not to be skipped), something like this:

There you go, you have a great capture page straight out of the oven that will convert like the great Lewandowski. Long copywriting. Long live football.

It’s obviously a way of working among many others, but it’s the method I’ve chosen and that works for my business. You are free to implement this and get hundreds of subscribers to your email list.

Good luck in your projects, and see you very soon for a new article.

stay the course!

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