5 Social Strategies of Brands on WeChat

The Chinese market is constantly changing where everything happens very quickly. In a very short time, Chinese consumers have entered the 2.0 era, taking them directly to the cutting edge of technology. Today, more than 80% of Chinese Internet users access the Internet from their mobile phones. WeChat, for example, is a recent $83.6 billion mobile messaging app (source), a vehicle for branding and sales growth. It is a surefire tool for new offline and online customer acquisition thanks to its features and is regarded as a performance accelerator. Let’s discover one of the most popular social networks in China through this article…

Montblanc’s WeChat Campaign

Brands mainly use WeChat to play on their social status and enhance their reputation. For example, on the occasion of Montblanc’s 90th birthday in 2014, the brand decided to invite all its fans to participate in the event via a WeChat campaign.

wechat china

Montblanc held a “black and white” exhibition at the Shanghai Exhibition Center on April 22, 2014 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of its Meisterstuck (from German “masterpiece”), the leading name of its range of pens in China. Daban. She thanked her followers for the new online-to-offline (O2O) campaign. Users who registered using the mobile app received a personalized email invitation.

For the occasion, Montblanc has set up a new game on WeChat where thousands of followers rate photos published by users if they can or can reach “Big Boss” status. The use of O2O was in full swing through this campaign! The brand announced over 1000 registrations during the 4 days of the exhibition.

Vogue France

The famous fashion magazine Vogue France has also taken off in China. He used WeChat to promote himself and attract new readers to his site. his goal? Fashion lover in China. With its unique quality content, its WeChat account is developing very well.

Scan the QR code to view the channel.

wechat vogue

Treelabs and its music series

The TreeLabs brand sells its products through WeChat and has seen its fan base increase and its communication improved every month. his secret? This Swiss brand of Bluetooth speakers publishes a selection of music every day that music lovers can share and listen to.

For example, this type of article on the Top 10 Favorite Music of the French was a huge success with the Chinese public.

The brand has also developed a WeChat store and allows hobbyists to shop on the e-store through WeChat payment.

wechat treelabs

Uniqlo O2O . plays on

Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo is a rapidly growing brand that is part of the Fast Retailing group. It is now compared with Zara and H&M for its quality and cheap products. She also owns the Princesses Tam Tam and the Comptoir des Coutoniers and has experienced meteoric rises in China and Asia.

This brand has offline points of sale and uses multiple sales channels. Specifically, it has developed its own application for selling on the Internet as well as uses “marketplaces” such as Alibaba and Tmall. From a digital point of view, she wants to build closeness with her customers and uses WeChat for this. To reach new followers, she created a campaign on this application: “Style Your Life”. (Source)


This campaign made it possible to significantly increase the number of its followers from 400,000 to 1 million. his strategy? The WeChat campaign allowed customers to take a picture of themselves with the chosen outfit on different city backgrounds, such as Tokyo or London. The photo was then sent directly to the customer’s WeChat account, so they could share it later. The operation was a huge success, increasing the number of fans as well as sales by 30%. Currently, the brand has over 2 million fans. (Click here for another opinion on the rapid growth of these followers).

Nick. basic concept of

Famous sports brand Nike has also launched a very original concept on WeChat which encourages fans to follow it on the app. Always aiming to increase its visibility, it is launching the “Free Start” campaign.


Very simply, the campaign involves adding a brand to WeChat, taking a picture of everything you like, and then sending it to the application. Nike will then offer you a pair of sneakers that match the subject of the photo sent that you can purchase immediately. The goal is to customize the pair of sneakers of your dreams.

nike wechat


WeChat is a social phenomenon in China. Brands quickly understood this and didn’t hesitate to increase the number of operations to gain more followers. However, there are some risks such as being blocked, which has happened with Uber recently (more info here).

Somehow, social networks create a “synergy” between brands and consumers in China. Without a presence on social networks like WeChat, it is very difficult for a brand to enter the Chinese market. In addition, very few people can do without communication on this application.

You will understand, if you want to launch a marketing campaign in China, WeChat has really become a powerful platform for your brand!

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