5 Pillars to Write Well for the Web and Optimize Your SEO

Freelance writer for more than 12 years, I support my colleagues in the customized writing of their texts, but also in the development of their editorial strategy. This experience today allows me to identify five pillars to ensure optimal web writing, and very often, 5th The column is neglected or worse is neglected. Let’s review these 5 pillars, 1. excepter,

  1. a perfect command of the french language
  2. SEO Expertise
  3. Correct knowledge of editorial strategies
  4. In-depth knowledge of target goals
  5. assimilating messages and values ​​to communicate

Writing Content for Your Web Pages, a Mission for the Web Editor

Talking about web editors, we often come back to the same received ideas. Web writing will be reserved as take care of the natural context To show your website on the first page of search engines. For SEO optimization of every content creation, professional writers need to be able to rely on several skills:

  • keyword research Normal or long tail. Definition of key keywords, identification of keywords for future blog articles…;
  • Study of Lexical Fields and Semantic Fields To understand each algorithm clearly what this editorial material will be about, but also to understand the possibilities themselves;
  • Respect the fundamentals of this web SEO. Write SEO Tags (meta description tag, title, image…) Structure the text with subtitles, paragraphs, bullet points… The structure of the content should also allow better presentation of the content. ensure internal networking (internal links to a product sheet or a single page of your website to ensure that your readers find more information) and optimize the number of words;
  • SEO Reference With backlinks (netlinking) or an ambitious social media strategy (professional editors can then impose a community manager cap), it should make it possible to become more visible.

Content marketing and content strategy, another specialization of project writers

But when an e-commerce site or editorial site decides to entrust the writing of its content to an independent web editor, the latter may not be satisfied with the complete mastery of the writing and SEO writing rules. Two other aspects should be taken into account.

1. Content Marketing and Editorial Strategy, a Guiding Framework for Writing Content

even though designer editor Or even the web editor may take charge of the requested editorial content, he/she should always find out about the content strategy associated with the marketing strategy to follow. The editorial line and editorial charter usefully inform the freelance writer, who should also be familiar with other proponents of the digital strategy. An Inbound Marketing Approacha Brand Content Oriented AmbitionA copywriting style or a well-developed story… The freelance writer must be comfortable with each of these notions in order to create content that lives up to the expectations.

2. Readers, target audience to know

The creation of content must also respond to requests from Internet users. By accessing search engines, prospects should be able to access your web articles and/or your product sheets quickly and easily. For this quality content can be produced only by knowing very well these goals for which it is intended.

Writing for the web, a story above all…

Then you think that content production is possible because you have made sure that:

  • a perfect command of the French language;
  • Ability to design and write your editorial material properly or in better context;
  • Ability to hones your strategy;
  • Ability to know your goals well.

Too often, we believe that by bringing these 4 aspects together we can guarantee the quality of writing, while missing out on essentials to create quality web content. This quality cannot be measured only by the popularity of your text in search results.

On the other hand, the importance of content also lies Your ability to stand out from the competition Sometimes more aggressive, sometimes more numerous. So what message, values, principles do you want to convey through this content writing? It’s time to focus on yourself.

It can make you smile and still. Open an e-commerce site and read product sheets, blog articles carefully… Very often, it will be enough to change the site name to be able to move this content to a different site. The word, in this case the message, is as important as the appearance. SEO content of your texts, See more. Because ultimately, that’s the message that will (or won’t) keep your prospects going.

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