5 Marketing Levers To Build Your Notoriety

Do you want to develop the notoriety of your company or your brand? Find with us 5 effective marketing levers to achieve this objective…

Social networks and influential blogs are a great way to grow your notoriety. By interacting with influencers, you reach their communities. Upstream, it’s essential to select influencers who are in line with your brand values ​​and for you to have a community made up of prospects and potential customers.

Take the time to study the influencer’s community and content, on the one hand to ensure that the influencer and its community are in line with your marketing objectives, and on the other, to be able to show the influencer For that you are interested in this content.

For media, you will approach media in the same way, with an audience and values ​​commensurate with your objectives. If you want to launch this type of campaign, don’t hesitate to document yourself via our “Marketing Effects” section

2: Visibility Exchange Partnership

Another way to develop your notoriety: Visibility exchange partnerships. The objective here is to identify other sites or brands in line with your values ​​and not compete with you to offer them a partnership.

This type of partnership can take various forms, for example:

  • material exchange;
  • Various co-creations: editorial file, co-branded newsletter, email, service, product, etc.
  • Exchange visibility on everyone’s social networks;
  • organization of a joint program;
  • Organized joint competition…

The possibilities are numerous, it is up to you to see what might be most interesting to you, to your partner and of course to your respective audience.

3: Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing associated with SEO will be a real plus for your notoriety. By regularly writing content on your site that positions you as an expert in your subject, your site is situated on the terms related to your activity.

Slowly your reputation grows. Please note that this strategy is for the long term. SEO results can come after several months and it requires regular content.

Some tips for successfully implementing your content marketing strategy:

  1. Thoroughly study the expectations and searches on Google of your prospects and customers;
  2. Write material on these topics;
  3. Be sure to offer high added value content to your target;
  4. Remember to use targeted keywords in prominent places, including: title, introduction to your content, title and meta description…

4: Developing a Community

Developing your community on social networks is also a good way to increase your notoriety. Choose the social network that best suits your audience and set up community management actions. Like SEO, community animation requires a long-term investment of time and the creation of quality content (text, images, videos, stories, etc.). To help you out, take a look at our “Community Management” section.

5: Promotional Items

The ultimate lever to help you develop your notoriety: promotional items. These are especially effective provided you choose useful, quality items that meet the expectations of your target audience. In order not to go wrong, on top of your advertising campaign, it will be necessary to study the expectations of your customers and draft the specifications accordingly.

If you want to launch this type of campaign, be sure to choose your provider carefully. An example: gift campaigns.

To be more effective, follow these tips:

  1. Clarify your goals;
  2. Study your target’s expectations;
  3. Write a specification or a campaign brief;
  4. choose really useful items;
  5. bet on the quality of goods;
  6. Better integrate your company identity on items.

Do not hesitate to consult this article to know more.

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