5 Leverages That Put Your Email Marketing On Steroids.

Are you tired of spending an hour writing your marketing email so that your opening rate goes from zero to f**r? Feel like you’re sending potential emails straight to the trash? Want to find a title? I’m going to show you 5 psychological levers that will get your prospect to finally click on your email with no other solution than that.

1. Leverage of Desire

Put yourself back in the shoes of the college student you were (it goes back I grant you),

Imagine looking at the Holy Grail from a bakery window: a package of Bonebake (organizations ).

What would you have done then?

we completely agreeas long as the sugarIt wasn’t really your thing…), you would have done anything to get this package.

This is what we call…

desire (enthusiastic).

Will it?

You can make this a powerful weapon to drive clicks to your email.

How ? look at :

  • a title ” How ? ” ,
    • How to make a unique hook?
    • How to increase your open rate?
    • How to make your cake a success always?
  • a title that refers to a “urgent situation” ,
    • need help ?
    • Lack of customers?
    • Totally overwhelmed?
  • a title that shows a “advantage” ,
    • Are you starting your own podcast? look at this
    • Build without being an expert: Technique.
    • X’s way to fight hair fall.

2. Leverage of Fear

“Fear does not avoid danger”. No, we agree.

On the other hand, fear attracts people. Just look at the number of people who come to the cinema halls to watch horror movies.

Do the same for your email. (Activate the fear lever, don’t run to the cinema).

I advise you to use it to pose a threat or risk. This will allow your potential customer to do nothing but click on your marketing email.

manual :

  • a title ” emergency “ ,
    • Take a look at this!
    • live your life ? You have 48 hours left.
    • want to echo: watch it now
  • a title ” Attention “ ,
    • Serious ? Ready?
    • he lost 50% of his business
    • Lilac Lewis? don’t be like him
  • a title” Mistake “ ,

3. The Surprise Lever

You must have known good and bad surprises in your life.

For example, when you are told that PSG have passed the knockout stages of the Champions League = nice surprise (but unlikely),

Or when your teacher asks you to take out a sheet to see if you know your syllabus = control + bad surprise,

You know it: Surprise creates a sense of unpredictability that will be long remembered.

Apply this to your email marketing.
For him ? always 3 ways:

  • a title “emoji” ,
    • Salary = ????
  • a title “WTF” (just about anything, but related to the subject of your email):
    • Bah?
    • handed over to paris
    • superhero challenge
  • a title “cognitive dissonance” ,
    • Eating burgers helps keep the line
    • your competitors are your friends
    • Become an expert in 2 hours.

4. Pry Lever

Humans are curious creatures.

If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t know America, we wouldn’t go to the moon, and we wouldn’t want to go to Mars.

you are curious. I am keen. Stephen Karrix. Your reader too.

Then activate this lever with:

  • a title “open loop” ,
    • He is a scientist, an activist and a researcher in one room.
    • This diary changed his life.
    • Dare him?!
  • a title “enquiry” ,
    • sweet voice?
    • Feeling illegitimate?
    • Let your superiors work for you?
  • a title “1v1” ,as if you are talking to your friend,
    • what do you want to do
    • you will love
    • Appointment in 48 hours
  • a title “Empty Suitcase” ,create secrets,
    • all that??
    • This is the most important principle.
    • obsessed but i do nothing without it

5. Novelty Lever

Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra (no I’m not going to talk about the last one,

The Egyptians who are to build the palace hear of the arrival of the Gauls.

Panoramicix, the band’s druid, shows the staff a new drink: Magic Potion – The way to work a hundred times faster without getting tired.

All Egyptians flock to our irrepressible gals to get a taste of this new banger:

Novelty captivates people!

Use it and you’ll easily pique your prospect’s interest. For that you have 2 ways:

  • a title “New” ,
    • new: method for […]
    • caution hot
    • it just came out
  • a title “List” ,
    • 5 Ways to Gain Confidence
    • 4 Steps to Successfully Monetizing Your Audience
    • 3 things to know about podcasts

Note: the absence of a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence is voluntary: it arouses curiosity “Hey, he made a mistake… I’ll go and see”.

⚠️ WARNING: Don’t use a title that “traps” the prospect.
Example: “You’re our big winner – click here” or “Order received”. You’ll annoy your reader and lose all your chances with it.

Now: It’s up to you to play with all these psychological levers to boost your open rate (and with it your sales). Your emails are about to cause carnage!

If you want more actionable advice on your marketing, and you’re under 25: click the yellow button next to my picture ????

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