5 Keys to a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Whether for acquisition, notoriety or reinsurance purposes, marketing influence is an extremely powerful marketing lever. In this article, we will look at how to optimize the chances of success of your influencer marketing campaign.

1: Delegate or internalize your influencer marketing strategy

Both solutions have their advantages, but they depend on your objectives and your internal organization. It is important to consider this topic so that you can choose the solution that gives you the best benefit.

Here are some ideas for making your choice.

Internalize your influencer marketing strategy

Internalizing your influence strategy requires a certain mastery of the communication code with influencers, as well as the time required to dedicate this type of campaign.

By internalizing, you have better control over your strategy, you are in direct contact with influencers and, as a result, can develop a more personal relationship with them.

If you don’t have agency costs, requesting an influencer marketing solution is still necessary.

The solution makes it possible to identify influencers, save time, manage tasks, and measure results.

Reach offers a turnkey and modular solution that adapts to all the problems faced by companies in terms of marketing impact: Reach Influence Cloud.

If you want to learn more about internalizing influence marketing, I strongly recommend our article on the topic: 3 Steps to Internalize Your Influencer Marketing Strategy.

Delegate management of your influencer marketing campaigns

If you don’t have experience in marketing or influencing the internal resources to activate this lever, the ideal partner is to call in. He or she will be able to accompany you from A to Z in conducting your Influence Marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing takes a lot of time, so it can be useful to delegate tasks to a qualified partner to focus your time on the things that matter to your business.

Lastly, it ensures that you benefit from the 360° expertise and data needed to effectively manage campaigns, choose the right influencers, have the right mechanics and monitor the ROI of actions initiated.

The good news is, Reach offers a tailor-made help solution, take a look at their site!

2: Set your goals and KPIs to follow

Before identifying influencer profiles relevant to your campaign, it is essential to clearly define your objectives and set up KPIs to follow.

We will get 4 main families of motives:

  1. Notoriety.
  2. think thought.
  3. brand preference.
  4. purchase intent.

Start by prioritizing your goals.

Based on this preference, set specific KPIs for your activity.

Examples of KPIs: Reliability Rate, Engagement Rate, Reach Rate. More information about these KPIs here.

Think Smart for Your Goals Too

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Once your goals and KPIs are clear, start thinking about your campaign system:

  • what are your expectations ?
  • Messages to be disseminated?
  • Discounts left for influencers…

this article can help you

Then think about the people you want to collaborate with:

  • Subject matter and the universe.
  • Adequate with your brand image and your values.
  • Community size (micro-influencer, top influencer, between the two, a set of different community sizes…)
  • Community profile: age, gender, place of residence, CSP, etc.

3: Identify or qualify influencers

With your expectations well defined, it is time to identify the influencers you will be working with.

Also check that their communities are tailored to your goals (age, interests, geographic location…) and that they are authentic (with real followers).

Tools like those offered by Reach can help you determine influencer engagement and avoid “fake influencers.”

4: Frame aspects of cooperation

After you’ve identified the right influencers for your campaign, it’s time to contact them!

Some good practices to keep in mind:

  • Customize the email you send to the person affected (nothing worse than yet another tasteless copy and paste).
  • Show her that you’re interested in her community, her subject matter. For example, bounce back on a recent post on one of his social accounts. In short, take an interest in its editorial line.
  • Introduce your brand and say why their profile is interesting for this campaign, why you thought of them.
  • Keep it short!

Once both parties agree, frame the collaboration:

  • Partnership remuneration.
  • Assignment of rights (if you want to use the content for your website, POS or other eg).
  • Degree of exemption on content creation.
  • ,

5: Increase the impact of your campaign through advertising

After posts are published on influencer accounts, consider working with them to enhance messages through advertising.

Thus, it is possible, with the agreement of the influencer, to create ad campaigns (Facebook, Instagram or any other network) to give the content even more visibility.

This amplification makes it possible to streamline the cost of content creation by reaching a larger audience and thus increasing Kpis.

Note that Reach offers a solution to facilitate amplification. To learn more and get started in influence marketing, take a look at the Reach website!

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