5 good reasons to use SMS Marketing

Most companies use common marketing levers such as SEO, social network animation, PPC (pay-per-click) or even offline methods. However, despite rapid mobile usage, these companies have yet to attempt the thrill of mobile marketing. this is especially the case SMS Marketing, also known as “Push SMS”, which allows any advertiser to automatically send mass messages at low cost. A real contradiction when we know that 100% of mobile phone users have access to the SMS function.

SMS marketing has already proven itself

SMS marketing was actually introduced in 2009 and companies had to adapt to this new mode of communication, which consisted only of text. Another innovation, the technology is opt-in: it means that the mobile user has given his prior consent to be alerted by SMS. This method allows the company to prevent its content from being treated as unwanted content. The results are clear: existing studies on SMS marketing report a read rate of up to 98%* and this, on average, within three minutes* of receiving the SMS. An absolute record in the marketing world as no channel had reached such figures till now. But is it so surprising when you know that an average mobile phone user consults their device 150 times a day*?

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Most of the companies do not realize the vast potential of SMS marketing as they have never implemented a dedicated SMS channel campaign. However, when the strategy is optimized well, some advantages are insignificant:

  1. Commitment is immediate: Studies have proven that an email is viewed only once or twice a day and many emails are rejected because they are considered as unwanted content. On the other hand, an SMS inbox is consulted several times a day. Thus, many messages are usually read within a few minutes.
  1. Setting up an SMS campaign is quick and easy: An SMS text message usually does not exceed 160 characters, which means the message is only two sentences. This brevity is a good thing because it allows busy consumers to read the content of the message at a glance. According to a study by INSEE, the brevity of the message also allows the message (60%) to be remembered better. But this brevity of messages is also a benefit for a business strapped for time. Indeed, planning and implementing an SMS marketing campaign is quick and easy. Hence it requires much less planning in advance than traditional advertising.
  1. SMS Marketing is Affordable: Sending a message is usually cheaper than doing an offline or internet demonstration campaign. Many operators offer cheap solutions for less than a euro per SMS sent. For example, it is suggested to send SMS from THECALLR € 0.045 Unity, Even Small Businesses Can Use SMS Marketing!
  1. SMS Marketing is interactive: To unite around a brand, the latter must invite its customers to join in to exchange with it. Thus, an advertiser can use the SMS channel to launch an interactive campaign in the form of a survey or questionnaire. The consumer then becomes an active participant and provides valuable data to help the business determine what its needs are. It’s also a great way to retain your customers!
  1. SMS Marketing is Ecological: More and more companies are adopting eco-friendly practices. In the marketing industry, SMS leaves no carbon footprint unlike all paper media such as flyers or billboards.

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What Content To Send With SMS Marketing?

For advertisers looking for ideas, here are some contextual usage tips, highly valued by marketers who rely on SMS marketing:

  • Offers, Invitations, Contests and Gifts: SMS marketing, as its name suggests, is a promotional tool par excellence. It is therefore not surprising that advertisers mainly use it to send all kinds of coupons and promotional offers. Discount coupons in the form of messages are very popular with brands because they are 10 times more likely to be used than those delivered by mail. Contests can be an opportunity to launch a product, to test and promote it, with the aim of winning a gift. Inform your customers about your latest news by adding web links or a demonstration video to engage with them and build loyalty.
  • Personalized Notifications: Sending SMS notifications is a very widespread direct marketing practice, especially since there has been a tremendous boom in mobile applications. These have the advantage of being personalized according to the client. For example, they may allow a merchant to alert a customer about the availability of a product, send the contact details of the store closest to it (via geolocation), but require the customer to follow up on the status of the order. Or you can also allow to protect your accounts through two-step verification (Authentication code sent by SMS). With smartphones with more advanced features, the possibilities are endless!
  • Appointment confirmation or reminder: If a business or organization is hosting an event or offering regular physical visits with its customers, texting is a great way to confirm the appointment and remind them of its date. This may be the case, for example, with doctors or restaurants. An effective way to fight against absenteeism and thus encourage frequency of a place.
  • Alert: SMS marketing can be very practical for disseminating an important or urgent message to the base in just a few clicks (crisis unit, flood alert, etc.). It can be an ideal tool for debt collection services or bailiff studies to avoid wasting time with wrong numbers or answering machines.
  • Surveys, Satisfaction Surveys: SMS surveys are a relevant way to understand the market and learn how employees of a brand present and customers test products. Surveys can be conducted in the form of open ended or multiple choice questions. They are especially effective when there are coupons or other gifts.


The banking on mobile marketing is clear

When it comes to marketing, companies are usually willing to invest in proven technologies. Therefore, at a time when almost 90% of the population has a mobile phone, it is almost absurd that so few companies do not integrate SMS into their marketing strategies. Whatever the reasons, these companies cannot believe that they have exploited their full potential to increase their conversion rates without trying out such a tool. Because SMS marketing allows both to get more customers, but also to sell more products and sell more frequently to existing customers. In fact, its flexibility and urgency make it particularly effective in increasing the turnover generated per customer. Implemented as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy, SMS marketing can only maximize the reach and impact of the message.

Lastly, even though SMS marketing isn’t really a new concept, it will be a great way to reach your customers for a long time to come. To do the best in my mind…

TheCallr A pioneer in the new intelligent voice and SMS applications. With Dial:, Voice and SMS call machines, advertisers can automate their outgoing call and SMS campaigns without any hardware or software installation. With a penetration rate of over 111% and a read rate of 98% for SMS*, nothing will stop you from optimizing your campaigns as much as possible.

* ArcMap, Mediametry and SlickText.com

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