5 Direct Marketing Techniques for a Successful Campaign

Especially valued by many companies, direct marketing has proven itself for many years, before the birth of the digital age. This communication strategy is implemented to get in direct contact with your target by motivating them and motivating them to action. Certain techniques must be applied in order to be successful…

1. Identify Your Target

Use a tool like CRM to personalize your goal. Throughout the customer journey, take the time to collect the different information in your database to better qualify:

  • products visited by them;
  • history of its purchase;
  • typology;
  • Contains their contact details, their contacts, email addresses, surname, first name etc. ,
  • his behavior on the web;
  • their areas of interest;
  • Its needs.

Thanks to your CRM software, you can easily complete your list as a customer makes a purchase or adds a service or item to their basket. At the same time, you may receive other important information during the exchange, most notably an appointment, an email, a phone call with a client or prospect.

From this data, segment your list of eligible contacts to better personalize your marketing campaigns. When you perform direct marketing actions, all you need to do is select the profiles that best match them. By proceeding this way, you will be more likely to reach people who are sensitive to your message and therefore to receive feedback from them.

2. Create an Effective Message

This is one of the essential steps in the implementation of your direct marketing campaign, as the way you craft the message is decisive in the response of the recipient to who will or will not take the expected action.

How to get his attention? By giving him an opportunity or making him a promise that you will keep later. Present him with a service, product or bonus to receive after taking the requested action… and what could be more appealing than a discount or invitation to an event for example?

In any case, your message should be both convincing, original and relevant to promoting your brand, your company’s strengths, your services and your products. If the content is convincing, the prospect or customer will naturally be motivated to respond quickly to the message received in order to take advantage of the opportunity or promise made. Simple but effective!

3. Choose the Right Communication Tools

Choose the right communication medium to get the right message to the right target. Among the various direct marketing tools, you have:

new communication technology

New communication technologies supported by many companies make it possible to reach most of their goals on a daily basis using the Internet as well as their mobile telephones.

  • Online advertising, including display, search or affiliate, drive a potential or customer to action;
  • Social marketing and digital marketing involve using different digital tools to convey your message. In particular, you may use mobile applications, websites, emails, online videos, social media and mobile applications to address your target audience;
  • Mobile Marketing: A news item, a promotion, or depending on its geographic location, it is the question of transmitting a message to a customer or customer using a mobile phone on a daily basis.

traditional equipment

Some traditional tools that have clearly proven themselves are being used to explain the goal. And it always works!

  • The interactive kiosk allows the consumer to make their purchases and obtain information;
  • Calling or telemarketing involves selling a service or product by making a telephone call;
  • Boxing is a technique for sending personalized ads and offers to a target’s mailbox;
  • Emailing makes it easy to contact your targets who view their emails every day on their mobile phones. This method is the least expensive of all the traditional and recent solutions.

Use Marketing Automation

By using marketing automation software, you can better organize and manage your direct marketing campaigns by scheduling automated emails or text messages to be sent at the right times. This programming profile can be done by considering the behavior of the target as well as the interaction time.

Track and analyze results

Just as it is necessary to properly formulate your direct marketing strategy, it is also necessary to monitor and analyze it. Thus you will be able to spot the shortcomings of them and the work done to improve them. To learn more about the performance of the tasks performed, simply look at the KPIs or Performance Indicators.

All the results obtained are compared with the expected results. This approach makes it possible to know the cost of acquiring a new customer as well as the cost of retaining a customer.

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