5 digital tips to attract people to your place of sale in 2021

How to attract people to your store, restaurant, agency in 2021 thanks to digital? How to drive traffic to your clients if you are an agency? The end of the year is approaching and it is essential to have a digital strategy for greater visibility and customer retention. These strategies will get you regular traffic, not only during Black Friday or Christmas. I will give you the best and new strategies used by community managers, webmarketing agencies to improve the visibility of their customers. let’s go !

1) Develop your social network

Do you want to attract a large crowd around your product or concept very quickly? Develop a solid social media presence and reputation. Set a well thought out release schedule. Display your advertising messages and information related to your news on your Page and in groups.

Any TikTok story soon?

With a little skill and well-crafted content, social networking can allow you to:

  • Benefit from direct contact;
  • Influence opinion leaders;
  • Build a community and retain an audience;
  • Quickly establish yourself as a benchmark in a given area.

Don’t limit yourself to common social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and MySpace. Also consider using a social network like LinkedIn, which allows you to reach a more professional goal.

It should be relevant to your business. For example, a restaurant should have platforms such as: Instagram (to create stories to highlight and engage with photos of your dishes), Facebook (older audiences), TikTok (to attract younger audiences and create stories for challenges). with for greater visibility).

Essential ingredients used by some companies:

  1. retargeting : Your community engages in your publications, comments or visits your website? You have to try to target them with retargeting. offer a discount or other attractive offer so they can be delivered to your home or order online;
  2. stories or reels : It takes time, but you have to post almost every day to get people to the restaurant;
  3. influential person Appeal to people who already have a community in your industry.

2) Advertise online

More efficient, faster to deploy, and less expensive than traditional advertising campaigns, online advertising targets prospects more accurately.

It is compatible for both mobile and internet users and aims to enhance the following:

  • Number of visits or periodic traffic (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.);
  • conversion rate;
  • number of clicks;
  • Return on Investment (ROI).

Among other things, here are the main types of online advertising to try:

  • Facebook Ads;
  • Google Ads: SEA Paid Reference;
  • Display campaigns: the purchase of advertising space in sites and applications;
  • Online directories: PagesJunes for example;
  • Etcetera.

3) Develop your customer reviews

No matter how good your website and customer service are, it will take longer to build trust in your new customers. The average prospect who reads reviews from those who have tried your services will be easier to convert than someone who doesn’t know what your customers think of you and your products.

So create accounts on trusted customer review platforms and communities and encourage your customers to share their opinions on your products and services every time they shop from you. The most popular review forums are:

However, check your reviews regularly and clean them up to prevent false negative reviews ordered by your competitors from tarnishing your reputation and to properly remove your fake reviews.

There are effective solutions like LocalRanker that let you collect more reviews using SMS campaigns, QR codes or Facebook campaigns.

If you have the right tools and the right habits, you’ll be able to collect more reviews.

Of course, be careful to answer all your opinions, these actions are also important for developing your local visibility and attracting people to you.

4) Do Local SEO

Recent statistics indicate that an ever-increasing proportion of Google searches are local. By doing local SEO on Google, your chances of increasing the number of visits increase.

All you have to do is create a Google My Business listing, enter all the required information and customize it to be practical, complete and creative.

Local SEO is now based on a slew of factors such as location of installation, reviews (frequency), natural context and website optimized for citations.

You should already know the most relevant local keywords, then properly optimize your Google My Business listing and track your position on Google and Google Maps.

Tips for knowing your keywords: Name your main activity + your city. For example, a Japanese restaurant in Paris 16 might be: “Sushi Paris 16”, “Japanese Restaurant Paris 16”.

It’s still possible to reply from Google, thanks to the new Google My Business messaging feature. This feature allows you to create an online chat on your listing to give customers instant feedback.

5) Do Email Marketing and SMS Marketing

Much less expensive than the previous marketing tools, email and SMS marketing are the most profitable marketing channels.

Even if you don’t have programming knowledge, you can create marketing campaigns, automate mailings, personalize messages.

Furthermore, with SMS marketing, you benefit from an unmatched delivery rate.

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