5 Copywriting Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Business. (+ 1 bonus)

Hi all webers. I’ve been asked a lot on dealing with common mistakes in copywriting. So here I am. This article is very useful for novices, but can also be a good reminder for professionals… Who hasn’t dreamed of selling all these products like hotcakes? To be able to take an engineer’s salary per week in tap socks? Just using the right words, 1 hour a day. you know what ? You’re closer to it than you think (yeah, yeah). With two/three corrections. 5 To be exact…

Mistake 1: Not Defining Your Goals

Number one priority, before writing a little copyright line, putting down a bit of psychological theory or insulting the person who bites you in Cleo 4: You need to know who you’re talking to.

It may sound obvious, but many people skip this step.

They find themselves addressing both:

  • students who want to eat;
  • Retirees who want to enjoy their retirement;
  • The father who finally wants his Lamborghini URUS;
  • A young couple who want to pay off their debt.

You see the concern.

To create a product that sells obscenely, you have to address a smaller audience. It’s counter-intuitive, but closing the doors opens up a boulevard.

Can’t you go left or right? You go straight ahead. Argument.

Imagine you’re selling a product so you can learn how to seduce.

If you target everyone, you would say:

Learn to seduce anyone, never go home alone again and be the Don Juan of your city.

Very bad copywriting.

If you are talking to young people who lack confidence:

Dare to finally approach these girls in the street, and walk away with their number every time, even if you’re shy (and you don’t know what to say.)

Ok Lucien, that’s all good, but in short: how to define your goal?

Very good question brother.

This tells me about you second error.

Mistake 2: Thinking the product in front of the customer

the worst thing you can do is spend Day weeks Months in making a product. Give yourself body and soul by adding bonuses to the little onion.

You proudly announce to your audience that you have a brand new, absolutely amazing product that will change their entire life.

You take it out. And you don’t make any sales.

Giga loss. At that moment you sew such a monumental seam, that you want to drop everything. To stop business and find a job at Sephora.

So how to avoid it??

TheyT very simple. You ask your audience’s… your audience’s problems. Point.

How can you not make any sales if you meet their exact needs? The problems they’re begging you to solve? Unless you’re (huge) at copywriting, it should be fine.

To know how to do this? I dug for a long time, and spent hundreds thousands of euros. I found a burial map.

A card that shows how to get your prospects to offer on a silver platter what to say word by word to buy them. Create a sales page begging them to send you money. Within hours (I use it with my clients).

Click the yellow button below the purple handsome man above to capture your treasure.

Error 3: Email and sales page not linking

Thinking that sales are only made by email? Or with only one landing page? It is a mistake. In general, this is the topic of the article.

you have the choice.

Or you create a customized sales email, do a lot of work where you put your psychological levers, the benefits of your product, etc. Then, you end up with a link that sends you to a sales page that simply and quickly memorizes product offers and orders to collect.

Or you email a short story telling that persuades (and doesn’t persuade) the reader, for example, the formula PAS (Problem Shake Solution). Finally, you link to a fast sales page with sales pitches on steroids, and you put it on your product. (What a full sales page.)

Give different examples.

Mistake 4: Thinking that copywriting = writing to sell

eh?! But then all the copywriters who promise me to increase my sales are scammers?

then no.

All I am saying is that copywriting also works to build a connection with your audience. As I always say in my emails, in my articles, or even in the post office queue: Nothing beats a crazy fan audience.

Even your sales email should contain sentiments, short jokes or anecdotes depending on your personality. Nobody wants Wikipedia.

We wish to have a human in front of us. Of course, read rich and interesting things, but above all are full of you.

Copywriting is a great way to sell.

But it is not limited to a single structure. The reader should be there because it’s you, that you’ve built a solid relationship with him (and that you’re solving a problem, of course).

Don’t be a robot. Your personality is the only thing that sets you apart from both your competitors and the AIs who write great copy.

Mistake 5: Don’t Write a Copy

It takes a lot of practice to write great sales copy:

  • copy texts by hand;
  • Cutting the content of kings of the game;
  • Put yourself in a mission position for a customer.

Instantly less glamorous.

Mastering copywriting, such as guitar or irregular verbs, requires repetition. It is not enough just to learn a theory by heart.

So, don’t wait to write your first text for your first client… I made that mistake myself and I regret it.

Find sales pages that have done well, or just your favorite copywriters, and copy them by hand. Break them down line by line. Unlike typing on the keyboard, writing by hand allows you to understand sales text more deeply.

You can also put yourself in a hypothetical sales situation, as if a customer gave you a mission.

Example: Write an email order to sell cooking coaching. (it exists)

How do you know it’s a good job?

Send it to me or any copywriter, if you are a beginner: we will be happy to help you!


Above are 5 mistakes I wish I had avoided when I was new to copywriting. Try to make good use of it and don’t just read this article passively. These tips can save you a lot of time and energy. Apply them and let me know. You have my email or my LinkedIn at the top.

Until then, stay the course!

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