4 Web Marketing Levers To Know

The mobile market is exploding, many studies predict Major use of mobile to access internet since 2014 PC cost. According to Mediametry, there were 20.1 million mobile users in June 2012, i.e. close to1 mobile user for 2 internet users, They are 55% to consult mobile internet daily and 25% have already shopped on mobile.,

We also know that smartphone sales have exploded (322% compared to 2011) with 17.4 million iOS and Android devices active on Christmas Day. A Nielsen study eventually shows that the PC already represents only the second media consumption item with 113 minutes per day: it is actually mobile that comes first as it accounts for 27% of the French’s daily media consumption with 116 minutes. represents.

so it is easy to understand that 2013 will be an M-year (a moving year :-)), In early 2013, this is your opportunity to take stock of 4 webmarketing levers specific to mobile: Advertising & Editorial, Interstitial, Push Notification and Cashbackers. (We will not talk about m-mailing or banner that stays very close to their elders on PC).

published functional

mobile advertising

They are called SureKit, Advid, AppsGreatuit, are editorial applications or websites specializing in reviewing mobile applications.
French leader (Appsgratuites) 1 out of 4 is installed on the iPhone, it generated 70 million downloads in the AppStore in 2011.

The principle of ad-editorial is simple, it is the equivalent of trying to capture opt-in customers to push information or visitors to sites or applications like free apps and encourage them to download your application on their mobile.

Support is none other than the article promoting your application. Specific item highlights can be negotiated.


intermediate on mobile

Interstitial is the second most classic format on mobile after banner.

This takes the form of a full screen view that appears on a smartphone when an application is started or between two screens. It can also be displayed between two pages of a mobile website or on a tablet application. The mobile intermediate usually lasts a few seconds and is clickable.

This format is increasingly criticized because it is speculated that it generates too many inadvertent clicks (most of the time, there is no “close” button on mobile intermediates).

Interstitials are considered the “premium” format, sold at CPM (cost per thousand).

mobile cashbacker


A cashback application/site provides a reduction in the form of repayment of monetary credit against the download and/or trial of an application to its users.

The biggest player in this space is AppVIP.com. The advantage of this type of promotional advertising is that the application developer/publisher collects opinions on his application and above all generates multiple downloads of his application for a CPD (cost per download) that remains under control.

This technique is widely used in terms of launching applications so that they reach the top 10 of iTunes Store in their category and thus generate natural downloads.

Check out this article to learn more about launching a mobile app on the AppStore.

push notification on mobile


A push notification is an alert message sent to the user of a smartphone and is associated with the installation of a mobile application. Push notification attached to the mobile application is sent and notifies itself to the user even when the application is closed.

This feature is available on Android and iPhone OS.

It is a question of using a basic function of the smartphone which has the advantage of being less intrusive than SMS (but more than m-mailing) and allowing owners of its applications to “push” short and punctual messages directly to their mobile. allows. Screen.

And you, have you ever conducted web marketing on mobile? Tell me more in the comments!

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