4 SEO, Social Advertising and Social Media Webinars to quickly activate your digital opportunities and prepare you for the start of the school year!

The CyberSite team invites you to meet and review for their final webinar session before the summer from 10.00 to 16.00 on Thursday, June 24th. their classics And be ready for the start of the school year!

This is the day of webinars to inform and support you in the recovery period where it is more necessary than ever to strengthen your marketing operations, and in particular your digital operations!

Promise offered by CyberSite today” More traffic more business » It takes full meaning and becomes a vital necessity for many organizations and businesses, especially in an increasingly complex competitive situation.

During this day, CyberSite and Onlyso experts will host 4 webinars to inspire you and help you quickly implement solutions to meet new audiences and new customers, but also promote your campaigns and your business. To improve the general performance too!

So they’ll talk to you about SEO, media, and social advertising, so you’re ready for the start of the school year

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complete program

Here is the program that awaits you!

Lucas Riou, Traffic Manager CyberCité . conference organized by

10.00 to 11.00. So far

Algorithmic optimization, audience fluidity, signal diversification, A/B testing of campaign strategies, etc. In short, the performance levers offered by Facebook advertising campaigns are numerous!

Through multiple customer cases, you’ll discover optimization methods that will allow you to grow your advertising account quickly, and thus accelerate the creation of qualified leads.

Should we give up on the engagement rate?

Edgar Dennis, Planner Social Media Only So. conference conducted by

11.00 to 12.00. So far

Edgar, the social media planner, will have 45 minutes to bring the engagement rate down its notch, and invite you to take a step back from your social media objectives and pair them with the right KPIs!

Engagement rate is now the benchmark among social media KPIs! But is he such a good witness to the commitment of your communities? Definition, calculation method, KPI overview, concrete examples and tips… Topics to be explored in 45 minutes!

The conference was moderated by Emilie Sericier, Consultant SEA / Senior Media Cybersite

From 2 pm to 3 pm.

Artificial Intelligence is slowly entering our daily lives and is now an integral part of optimal management of campaigns on Google Ads.

Even though the rules of the game are the same for Google’s ad network, the tools are changing. Time consuming tasks like manual auctions are now being superseded by automated auction systems.

Come and find out how to get out of your comfort zone managing your Google Ads campaigns!

Conference Powered by Alban Renard, Expertise Pole Manager

From 3 pm to 4 pm.

SEO is a Pyramid Takeover Lever: In order to last, building a beautiful pyramid made of several bricks is essential: rich content, offpage strategies, plus a reliable technical infrastructure.

Yet Google has never been faster on indexing and ranking sites. Therefore, it is possible, through a detailed analysis of your SEO data, to find fast and solid growth levers in “Commando” mode. Like keystones, some bricks can be more important than others. We’ll look at how to go for these “quick wins” together with concrete examples and how to deploy effective SEO tools.

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Article written in collaboration with CyberSite

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