4 misconceptions about growth hacking

You may have already been told that growth hacking is Magical and capable of turning any volatile business into an ultra-profitable machine, I wish it were true, but it’s time restore the truth, In this article, I am going to revel in growth hacking busting 4 widely held misconceptions, let’s go !

Why growth hacking is poorly understood

growth hackingGrowth hacks, or growth hacks in French, are seen by people as a set of tips and shortcuts that get the business off the ground.

Originally very popular in the startup community, the success of companies like Uber, Airbnb, Blablacar or Dropbox is attributed to these growth hacking techniques.

Indeed, on paper these technologies promise massive customer acquisition at ridiculous prices.

It doesn’t feel so bad.

except that if we dig into the subject with a little intellectual honesty, we discover that Growth hacking as done in 95% of cases is really just digital marketing,

And like Mr. Jourdain, who was proselytizing it without knowing it, many marketers were already using techniques comparable to growth hacking, even before it was invented and popularized by Sean Ellis in 2010 (a marketer who works with Dropbox). and who was looking for a way) name his work).

In short, at first glance, growth hacking is:

  • new technologies to get the business off the ground;
  • A highly efficient and guaranteed approach;
  • Not all for expensive.

But when we analyze some practices, we find that it is above all:

  • marketing (nothing new under the sun);
  • Spam (at least basically);
  • A magician effect.

Well… it starts off badly.

But be rest assured.

I’m deliberately critical and provocative to show you Growth Hacking Isn’t What You Think,

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself the question:

What exactly is growth hacking?

good question
Growth hacking is a How to Grow a Business with a Cross-Business Approach,

And isn’t that a little bullshit?

It is expected not to happen.

First, there are Strategies That Come From Growth Hacking And That Are Still Very Effective,
For example, lead generation, automation, analysis of conversion funnels, etc.

then you have to see Growth hacking more like a state of mind That’s a set of suggestions. Especially since this approach is based on a method and rigorous fundamentals (we’ll see that later.)
In other words, growth hacking works, but it is rarely understood and used well.

finally Growth hacking has proven growth oriented approach for him,
For example we can think of AARRR framework (which stands for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral).
And just for this framework, growth hacking isn’t bad.

I do not go into detail here.

But if you want to learn how to use the AARRR framework and do growth hacking properly, I have written a comprehensive guide on my blog (with strategies and techniques that work now).

But in the meantime, let’s see how to get rid of the misconceptions about growth hacking.

Misconception #1: Growth Hacking Will Save Your Business

Growth hacking literally means “growth boost”.

In short, growth hacking promotes something.


do you see me coming

No adaptation is possible without development.

In other words, it should work first (so that it works even better).

If your business is not working, you can apply all growth hacking techniques as you wish, it will not stop.

For example, you can think of a growth hacker who puts oil in a cog. But without fuel in the engine, you haven’t left the dorm.

Misconception n ° 2: The growth hacker is an expert

In contrast, the growth hacker is a generalist. she has a Business overview and interaction in all its aspects,

It can affect marketing, product, support or even development…

In short, a growth hacker does not only marketing and less than acquisition (otherwise, we would call him a traffic manager).

This is the most common misconception (and also perpetuated by growth hackers themselves): Growth hacking is a transversal role.

You probably now understand why you did it You Don’t Need a Growth Hacker to Start Your Business,

But Growth Hacker is extremely useful when your project is already doing well.

Misconception n ° 3: Growth hacking is spam

I know. That’s what I said in the beginning.

And in fact, in 2010, there were no rules (with GDPR) or platform API limits, data scraping…

In short, it was the Wild West, and so-called “growth hackers” took advantage of it to this day. Spammy Image to Growth Hacking,

But today, it has changed a lot.

Many technologies are “patched” by the platform and abusive solicitation has become illegal.

However, growth hacking is not dead. away from there.

Because the reality behind an effective growth strategy is very different from our image.

Simply put, growth hacking is the application of a rigorous method and a (rather laborious) process: we make assumptions, we test them and often… it doesn’t work. That’s why we start over and over again.

That said, the fun is less, but it is the reality of the work.

In short, growth hacking is a top Solid way instead of shortcut,

Misconception n ° 4: Growth hacking is only for startups

At this point, you’ve probably noticed that growth hacking is:

  • a rigorous method (no spam);
  • a transverse approach to a business (not just marketing or magic);
  • For businesses that are already operating (not a launch strategy).

However, in these points above, there is nothing that says that growth hacking is reserved for startups.

It’s true that it was invented by Startup on Base. but here There’s no reason to deprive yourself of these methods in your business. Even if you have a well established structure.

Lastly, if you don’t mind experimenting with all kinds and want to grow your business, then growth hacking should be for you.

your turn

I hope you liked this Growth Hacking Myth-Buster and got some pointers on it.

Don’t hesitate to tell me which received idea would have surprised you the most in the comments.

See you again!

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