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Smartphones and through this mobile applications represent a significant issue for merchants. While national (and international) players have the means to take advantage of these opportunities, this is not always the case for independent traders and micro-businesses. The latter cannot automatically invest in the development of a tailor-made mobile application and does not have an IT department or even marketing is often forced to abandon a potential project …

To meet this need many companies (including me) have taken interest in starting an online mobile application publisher. Affordable and don’t require any special computer skills, these web solutions are a great way to take advantage!
But then, which editor to choose? Since I’ve started a mobile app editor myself, I’m relatively familiar with the pros and cons of the various solutions. Here is my overview (objective) of the 4 platforms.

good barber

GoodBarber Online Mobile Application Editor


Good Barber is a great tool for creating mobile apps.

The Corsican company that developed it proposes to build applications for iOS and Android through an editor that privileges aesthetics and on which it is easiest to build “beautiful apps”.

If previously GoodBarber’s activity was very focused on design as indicated by the slogan “Design above all”. The functions available today are many and often useful. However, design and user experience are still central to concerns.


In terms of offers, there are 3 threads available, with prices varying between 40 (for a native Android application) and 115 (Android and iOS apps) Euro per month. This amount can be revised downwards in case of annual payment.

GoodBarber is a good solution, but for me, the quality, the wide choice of proposed designs and many more qualitative functions are not enough to forget the high price that is not always accessible to small structures …

Balance sheet

the gain

  • Many templates offered;
  • wide choice of viable designs;
  • Many features (this was not the case when the solution was launched).


  • Prices (too?) high for small portfolios (TPE, traders, associations, etc.).

Swiftic (formerly Como)


This Israeli publisher has been online since 2010. It is the publisher that has created the most mobile applications. declares to be at the core of the site More than a million applications worldwide, Therefore it appears to be the market leader.

There is a wide choice of features and a particularly effective image management solution. Templates are available and you need to add functional “blocks” to write your application. The editor is well done, and the interface is rather well thought out.


There are three offers available:

  • monthly ($57/month);
  • Annual (equivalent to $48/month);
  • 2 years (equivalent to $41/month).

Although Swiftic has a very wide range of options, the apps seem to be of pretty average quality. In fact, after doing several tests to judge, I wasn’t really excited by the result: lack of fluidity, bugs forcing the application to quit, etc.

In addition, you must be bilingual or have minimal mastery of the language of Shakespeare, the editor is not available in French.

Unlike GoodBarber, which has evolved a lot in recent years, the Como, which has become Swiftic, hasn’t changed much…

Balance sheet

the gain

  • full editor;
  • wide choice of features;
  • Well thought out interface;
  • Reliability/reference (million applications made).


  • Publisher in English only;
  • Applications of average properties (seems to be).


Mobincube Online Mobile Application Editor


Mobincube is not very famous on the web, but the latter is interesting, as the latter announces to offer ” mobile app for all ,

The main argument of the solution is its particularly affordable price: free with advertising or “skip” the latter € 9.99.

Price is really one of the few strengths of this publisher. In fact, if there are multiple models, they are frozen, so it is very difficult to personalize your application and ensure that it is not identical to the neighbor.

In addition, several bugs were noted during our testing. The CMS is not completely stable, it cannot be used on all Internet browsers. Finally, the translation of this Spanish tool is not always complete…


Mobincube has 3 offers:

  • Starter (free offer with ads);
  • Standard (€9.99/month) – Unlimited Apps;
  • Advanced (€19.99/month) – More options and data.

Balance sheet

the gain

  • very competitive price;
  • Creating a free mobile application;
  • Some cool features.


  • many bugs;
  • CMS is not completely stable and not working properly on all browsers;
  • Not a very complete translation;
  • The apps are not customizable enough.


AddmyApp Best Online Mobile Application Editor


This is my favorite solution! Obviously, I campaign for my parish, as AddmyApp was launched a few years ago by my office.

But let’s be objective, this editor, though loaded with merits, is far from perfect.

First of all, in terms of design, if AddmyApp offers an interesting alternative and rather good variants, then the platform does not achieve the aesthetics and ergonomics of a GoodBarber.

Far fewer functionalities than Swiftic and GoodBarber, yet enough to create a unique application suited to your activity. If necessary, specific developments are offered upon request for a few hundred euros.

“Business Templates” are also available. It can help you build your app and give you ideas for features.

Finally, AddmyApp provides a level of service never seen before online mobile app editor Since you can easily get advice and information from a mobile marketing consultant to build the right app for you. Yes, there is a phone number!


AddmyApp offers 3 subscriptions. Like Swiftic, it’s not the level of service that matters, but the payment method.

  • monthly (59 € / month);
  • Annual (49 € / month);
  • 2 years (39 € / month).

Note that publishing is not included and it will cost AddmyApp 59€ per application to publish them.

Balance sheet

the gain

  • marketing-oriented functionality;
  • level of service (exchange by telephone, typical development);
  • competitive prices.


  • Slightly simplistic design;
  • better ergonomics;
  • Some functional frustration.


As you can see, studying these 4 platforms makes it possible to uncover 4 main categories that exist among publishers:

  • design (GoodBarber);
  • Features (Swiftik);
  • services (AddmyApp);
  • Price (MobinCube).

Of course, not all these platforms are created equal. I especially think Goodbarber is objectively the most qualitative editor,

even though AddmyApp I find more suitable for very small businesses, by aiding and budgeting as necessary.

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