3 Steps to Internalize Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing is gaining more and more importance in communication strategies. Today, brands want to better control this lever and in this sense, it may be wise to internalize their influencer marketing strategy. Let’s look at 3 steps together to get there. You’ll see it, with the right methodology and the right tools everything is possible!

Why is it interesting to internalize influencer marketing?

There are many benefits to internalizing influencer marketing:

  1. By internalizing, you have a better mastery of your strategy.
  2. You there direct contact Can build long-term relationships with and with influencers.
  3. You do not have any cost related to marketing influence agency’s margin and hence you can invest more budget Influencers.
  4. In the end, you get Given And go ahead in analyzing your results.

Now let’s see what are the steps to get there!

1: Refine your needs and goals

Essential Step 1: Identify your influencer marketing needs and objectives.

It’s important to start setting your goals.

Why you want to do influencer marketing:

  • Increase your brand awareness;
  • develop your sales;
  • Improve your e-reputation;
  • Make a commitment about your products and services…

By the way, think smart for your objectives (specifically measurable ambitious realistic and anchored in time).

Once the objective is clearly set, set your budget as well…

How much budget per year do you spend on influencer marketing?

And regarding your needs and goals, how many influencers do you work with?

The internal marketing effect is interesting even from 5/6 of the influencers per year.

2: Implement your strategy

With your goals and budget clearly defined, it’s time to implement your influencer marketing strategy.

Draw pictures not in relation to your motives, but in relation to the image you want to convey specific influencers with whom you want to work.

What topics? What editorial lines? what value? What size community (mostly micro-influencers or top influencers)? What commitment to their communities? ,

Also remember to list all the ingredients you have internally to carry out your strategy: To highlight content lessons, videos, blogs, podcasts, in-house experts …

This will help you deliver content to the influencers.

Lastly, plan your various actions throughout the year to get an overview and manage your campaigns effectively.

Example : You have an event in April, plan an influencer marketing action in February/March to communicate about the event.

3: Equip yourself with an influencer marketing tool and organize yourself internally: Reach Influence Cloud

Now that you have your strategy in place, it’s time to arm yourself with a tool that can help you drive your influencer marketing.

Reach, a specialist company in influence marketing that we’ve been following for many years, has launched its new technology proposition: the Reach Influence Cloud.

This is a SaaS offer fully modular according to your requirements.

Reach Influence supports you in the cloud all phases of your influencer marketing strategy, regardless of the size of your business.

And if you are an influencer marketing agency, technology can also help you improve your services.

The tool allows you to:

  1. Identifying and qualifying influencers.
  2. Activate and frame your influencer marketing campaigns.
  3. To enhance your campaigns.
  4. And to measure your performance indicators in real time.

Target: Make you skilled as an influencer marketing pro and save your precious time by grouping together in one interface all the elements needed to manage an influencer marketing strategy.

Let’s go into more detail.

3.1: Identify and Qualify Influencers

Reach has a multi-network base 7 million influencers in France and internationally. With the tool, you can identify which ones align with your brand DNA. Sorting is possible by theme, social network, audience profile, community size, etc.

3.2: Activate and frame your influencer marketing campaigns

Once the right influencers are identified, you can contact them directly from the platform and offer them your campaign. Big time savings thanks to centralization of exchanges on the Reach Influence Cloud.

All stages of a relationship are possible, from first contact, to contracting and paying influencers, including the creation and distribution of content.

3.3: Expand your campaigns

The platform also makes it possible to grow your campaigns on social networks. Amplification is sponsoring influential content on their behalf. This significantly increases the audience and the performance of your campaigns.

3.4: Measure your performance indicators in real time.

Reach Influence Cloud gives you access to key data Monitor your performance in real time, Thus it is possible to follow the return on investment of your actions, audience reach, engagement rate and much more. You can also analyze your competitors’ performance and voice share.

tailor’s support

By setting up Reach Influence Cloud, you are not alone, with a Customer Success Manager assigned to you to help you take control of the tools and advise you on everything related to marketing impact.

Internalizing doesn’t mean you do everything yourself, it just means you develop your expertise and take back the power. I

A 100% Tailored Solution

It is important to specify that this is a solution that adopts 5/6 of the influencers per year such as SMEs as well as large companies.

Yves Rocher has taken advantage of this as well, here’s the return of social media manager Lee Fischer:

“We explored the Reach Influence Cloud solution while it was still in the testing phase and were won over by its modularity. The primary objective of Yves Rocher was to help employees from all countries find the right influencers to join campaigns. For that, we needed a simple solution that allows teams to select them in a phase with objectives, based on precise search criteria. Then, we needed to monitor the performance of our tasks and find solutions in these Makes it possible to measure the impact of campaigns very concretely. Now that we’ve identified the right influencers with whom to collaborate, trained teams in the tools, we don’t just let us do our first The campaign has to begin! ”, Lee Fisher, Social Media Manager Business Development and Social

And the price?

Since the Reach Influence Cloud solution is modular, the license price is determined according to the functionalities required and the number of users. Contact Reach for a tailor-made offer.

Get started, yourself, in internalizing your influencer marketing

You now have the keys to take action! It is possible to request a demo of the tool by Reach teams, don’t hesitate to visit their site to learn more.

To do this, follow the link below:

reach effect cloud

Article written in collaboration with Reach

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