3 pillars to increase your video views

You’ve spent time making your video, you’re so proud of it, but your ideas are struggling to move forward. Don’t panic, here are some tips to improve the visibility of your videos on YouTube and increase your views,

In this article, we’ll take a look at free techniques, including the essential Google ads, through advertising, thanks to your organic audience, as well as paid technologies. But before that, follow this first fundamental pillar!

1: Focus on the target audience and create content for this audience

To create content in video or other formats, it is essential to start with a well-defined audience. Who do you create content for? Specify the following information: place of residence, age, gender, areas of interest …

Build your personality based on your best prospects/customers if this isn’t the case yet and edit video content that responds to these issues to identify the problems they face on a daily basis.

By creating useful content for your favorite customers, you’ll have a better chance of reaching the right people, growing your ideas, and especially your business!

Now that the basics are laid out and before we tackle the so called natural techniques, let’s take a look Google Ads.

2: Generate Views Through Google Ads Ads

The fastest technique to grow your views is a Advertising campaigns through the Google Ads network, Most video launches include an advertising component to promote ideas on startup. To do this, go to Google Ads and create your first campaign. Individual targeting will allow you to get qualified views compared to your target audience. will be invoiced cost per view,

Option: Display-Based Visual Shopping Platform

Managing Google Ads campaigns can be difficult for newcomers, and optimizing your cost per view requires experience.

If you don’t want to bother with the “campaign management” aspect, some services offer to manage these campaigns for you.

Be careful in this case to pay attention to these 2 points:

  1. Check the Quality of Ideas (specifically viewing percentage, try to find a service that provides at least 50% viewing).
  2. Check that the service is not using spam techniques to generate views. It is recommended that you choose services that use Google Ads to generate views to ensure quality.

There are many, some google searches should help. You can visit this site to get started: Buy YouTube Views!

Now let’s move on to organic view acquisition techniques.

3: Work on your organic visibility on YouTube and increase your video views

YouTube is a mix of social network and search engine, so you must use SEO and community management techniques to increase your natural visibility!

YouTube’s ranking algorithm includes several factors, including:

  • the presence of keywords in the title of the video;
  • expressions in the description;
  • Tags selected when uploading videos;
  • Engagement on video: Like, dislike and comment left.

Make sure you write a complete description that includes the keywords your audience is searching for, and write at least 200/300 words.

Then, in addition to these fundamentals, other factors will come in handy.

The quality of your thumbnails will work in your favor, they will attract the attention of internet users researching YouTube. Therefore, it is necessary that they are well taken care of.

Then, you can also organize your playlists to encourage people who have discovered your video to watch your other videos. Also remember to encourage the user to subscribe to your channel via messages in the video or in the description text.

Finally, don’t hesitate to use all of your other acquisition levers, send an email to your customers notifying them of the arrival of a new video, share the video via an article on your blog, and then share it on all your social media sites. Share on network.

Don’t hesitate to ask your partners to relay your videos, you can certainly do the same for their videos. A win-win deal.

And if you have a little budget left over after advertising (see point 2 of this article), it might be wise to order an influencer’s network broadcast about your topic.

In short, use all the audience available to you. Feel free to share your other YouTube view acquisition techniques with us

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