3 essential key points that make a promotional video essential

Video has been an excellent means of communication for some time now. However, making a video is not enough to consider that it will work well. There are essential parameters to build a communication device that meets your needs. Here are the 3 most important points…

1. His Writings

Telling is the easiest way to determine whether viewers will be attracted to a video.

Of course, this is the first sight that will attract the viewer while scrolling through the social network.

But then he will continue with the way the video is structured, and the way the message is exposed.

This means that it is important to focus on a concise, concise and accurate message to provide the audience with the information sought.

It is also an opportunity to address the user in an original and captivating way, as we did in this video with Les Zinc Agency.

2. Its Rhythm

The tempo of a video is defined by the sequence of shots, the flow of information, and graphic and sound parameters such as music for example.

Managing the speed of the video so that it is neither too slow nor too fast, as this is what drives the viewer to watch the video till the end.

Storyboards play an important role in the creation, as it is the main step in defining the rate at which shots will change.

Rhythm was a key element in the video we created with Les Zinc for Le Monde.

3. Its duration

Let’s get straight to the point: When it comes to promotional videos to showcase a product, service or event, it’s best not to exceed a certain length of time.

Indeed, statistics have shown that viewership drops by as much as 80% after 1 minute of video.

The duration of the video therefore perfectly complements the other points of the article: knowing how to be concise and rhythmic to provide as much information as possible in 1 minute, 1 minute 30.

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