3 days to get your digital strategy off the ground

Last year, CyberSight already spoiled us with the previous edition of Marketing Digital Days. This year, the event is back for a second edition. Meet from 18th to 20th October for 3 days conferences on all current topics to kickstart your digital strategy…

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3 days, 21 conferences, 26 experts to support you in your digital strategy!

This year, CyberSight and its partners invite you to go even further with ultra-targeted conferences on all current topics. With the complete transformation into a digital context, especially with the end of the announced cookies, and the growing need to give meaning to your marketing actions, it is more important than ever to think better about your web marketing strategy and adapt it to this new more is necessary. digital world.

How to find your audience? How do you meet the needs of your customers and prospects? How to implement actions that are both ethical and beneficial? Which are the other levers that will give you the best performance and best ROI?

During these 3 days, all the major topics of digital marketing will be discussed to answer all your questions! The 21 conferences, led by the best market experts, will follow each other and give you all the keys that will allow you to establish a coherent and effective 360 ​​digital strategy.

target? Increase your visibility on the web, by addressing the right audience with the right message, and finally monitor and measure your performance.

In the program:

Day 1: Site Redesign and Build, SEO Fundamentals

This first day will be devoted to the fundamentals of redesign, site building and SEO. CyberCité, SalesForce and Sylius experts will talk to you about Core Web Vitals, CMS, E-commerce, SEO/SEA Convergence, SEO Strategy and more.

Day 2: Acquisition Strategy

This second day will be devoted to acquisition strategy: from linking to content marketing including advertising (Google, YouTube, etc.) and social media. CyberCité will share the microphone with Webqam, OnlySo and Google throughout the day.

Day 3: Analysis, Data and CRM

And finally, for the third and final day, experts will accompany you on data and CRM topics, as analyzing and monitoring your performance is essential to measuring your ROI and adjusting your strategy. CyberCité, Isoskèle, Krooga and Acoustic will walk you through Data Quality, CRM, Data SEO, Lead Generation, Google Analytics 4, and you will also be able to witness an unprecedented battle between Google algorithms and Amazon algorithms.

Why Digital Marketing Days?

To discover and implement the most efficient and innovative digital strategies and techniques, and to reconnect with strong and profitable digital growth. Exploring customer experience and diverse technical expertise across all levers of digital marketing.

For whom ?

The Marketing Digital Days are a three-day cycle of webinars around digital marketing, acquisition strategies and data management aimed at the marketing, communications and digital departments. The 21 conferences are aimed at e-merchants, retailers, international groups, SMEs, BTOB or BTOC advertisers, etc. In short, to all entities that have digital challenges!

When ?

Tuesday 18, Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 October 2022 – from 10:00 am to 4:45 pm.

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full conference program

Day 1: Site Redesign and Build, SEO Fundamentals

  • Main Web Vital: Top Actions to Improve My Site Score
  • Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud the right choice for SEO redesign of my e-commerce site?
  • Headless E-commerce: Everyone’s Talking About It, But What Is It?!
  • Redesign or Build Your Site Without the SEO Disaster: Top Roast Actions
  • UX, UI and SEO: What’s the synergy for e-commerce?
  • SEO/Sea Convergence: How To Combine Your Strategies To Maximize Your Performance And Increase Your Visibility?
  • B2B SEO Strategy: What Are the Real Specifics?

Day 2: Acquisition Strategy

  • Netlinking Strategy: Understand what Google is expecting to hit hard!
  • How to Implement a Performative Content Marketing Strategy?
  • Internal Meshing and Netlinking: How to Affiliate Them to the Benefit of Your SEO?
  • How to create a demonstrative digital campaign? The importance of visualization in your acquisition strategy
  • Boost your brand awareness and overall digital exposure with YouTube!
  • Your Social Shopping Activity Successful: Which Platforms and Which Social Media Strategy Will Be Implemented?

Day 3: Analysis, Data and CRM

  • Data Quality: How to Reliable and Enrich Your Customer and Potential Data to Optimize the Performance of Your Relationship Marketing?
  • CRM Data and Statistical Solutions: The Pillar of Customer Knowledge
  • Marketing Automation: A Simple Marketing Campaign Management Tool Or A Real Conversion Lever?
  • Data SEO and Keyword Strategy: How to Use Data to Make the Right Decisions?
  • How to challenge your lead generation strategies on meta in the context of third-party cookie expirations?
  • THE NEW GOOGLE ANALYTICS 4: From theory to practice, undergoing migration

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Article written in collaboration with CyberSite

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