2022 will be the year of sharing stories

Be it sharing her day to day outfit, delicious dishes, workouts, her interior decor… people love to share content. this is true. For this, they share it on their networks, often turning to stories on Facebook and Instagram, specifically sharing stories…

Sharing stories, a simple and transparent tool

Sharing Stories is a meta feature for developers to share content from an app directly to Stories on Instagram or Facebook. Companies can not only encourage greater sharing, but also work towards achieving business goals.

Since the launch of the tool, developers have noticed:

  • Increase in organic content share and app installs;
  • Better user engagement, which can lead to better user retention rates.

Intuitive and user-friendly, Sharing Stories takes the friction of the sharing journey down, allowing users to share content directly from your app to their Facebook stories or Instagram stories. It is a simple, seamless and satisfying integration for businesses and individuals alike.

Why Use Sharing in Stories?

In early 2022, companies are setting goals, defining new propositions and looking for new solutions. Looking for new tools aiming to increase app installs, brand awareness, virality or user retention.

Meta for developers, for example, offers to share stories, as it has several advantages:

1. Encourage More People to Share Content

Sharing in Stories makes it easy to share content in their Stories directly from an app.

  • The B612 (one of SNOW Corporation’s most popular camera apps) increased the sharing rate on Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories by 3X;
  • Lomotif (a global short-video social platform that integrated sharing stories into its platform to enrich its sharing channels) increased the share rate on Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories by 2.3X;
  • Thanks to the Peloton application, more than 500,000 Instagram stories have been shared.

2. Help increase app installs

When people share app content with their stories, it can help to attract users organically. In fact, when the content share increases, so does the notoriety and so do the downloads.

3. Earn High Daily Average

For social networks, user engagement is essential. Sharing in Stories makes the process of sharing content seamless so that people can stay connected with your app without any interruption.

For example with Lomotif, it was:

  • 2x average daily video views per user;
  • + 8% of the average daily duration of sessions;
  • 2.3 times more people sharing content on Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories.

4. Support User Retention

Keeping people engaged and back on the app can be a challenge. But it turns out that people who share content are more likely to stay on the app:

  • With the Iccok app: the retention rate for people sharing via Instagram Series is +30%;
  • With the Muscle Booster app: There were 24% more subscription renewals for iOS (Stories users versus non-Stories users).

Additionally, brands that have integrated sharing into stories have reported other positive results, including:

  • Increase in customer satisfaction;
  • Increase in acquisition of new users;
  • A highly social pursuit.

Sharing stories can help businesses achieve their goals for the new year. And that sounds like a pretty good resolution, doesn’t it?

Source: Meta for Developers

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