2 days to challenge your acquisition strategy

What if we just challenged your acquisition strategy? Let’s meet for the “Traffic from Scratch to Cache” webinar for 2 days on 6th and 7th April. 2 days to build or optimize your acquisition strategy: SEO, Social Advertising, Social Media, SEA…

During these two days, 11 webinars will be organized, you can register for various topics of your interest, the whole program is free.

To find and register the program, click here!

“Majboor March” digitisation, e-commerce as a single distribution channel, disrupted distribution systems, astounding audiences… The paradigm shift driven in 2020 leading companies and organizations to completely rethink the objectives assigned to digital Is. To take advantage of the 2021 rebound, it’s essential to ask the right questions about its digital strategy, and in particular its acquisition strategy.

At least given the precarious economic situation, it is essential to challenge your digital business acquisition levers, put them in perspective and look at them from a new angle.

This angle is for restart.

J-0’s, to be able to demand new objectives, redefine a new acquisition strategy suited to the situation, and take advantage of the ever growing and solvent audience offered by digital.

Traffic from scratch to cash!

For a resume, whether it’s SEO or advertising traffic, the question of outcome always arises: what result can be expected from a global, targeted or restricted action?

When does the action start? When do the results come?

If digital competition is permanent, it is advisable to set D-0, the day everything starts all over again, the day we hit a new track with new ambitions. If we only assume that D-Day was today, And that now everything was starting all over again, what goals to set and how to achieve them?!

To answer all your questions about your acquisition strategies, CyberSite is hosting two full days of webinars and in-person meetings on April 6th and 7th, 2021 to challenge your digital objectives “from start-up to cash” Can you ,

During these two days of experience sharing, customer affairs and exclusive expertise, CyberSite invites those who want to challenge their digital marketing strategy: SEO, Social Advertising, Social Media, SEA…

Two days of webinars and thematic meetings to take advantage of the best SEO techniques, developments in the Google Ads platform and Youtube, the platforms most likely to generate viewers and new sources of income.

All webinars will be hosted by CyberSite experts, a Google expert will speak at the conference dedicated to YouTube, and the Onlyso agency will also be present!

During these 2 days, you will also be able to have personal meetings with cybersecurity experts, to get an idea about your strategy, your website, and thus put yourself in “scratch to cash” mode!

For each topic offered, video meeting slots will be offered to address your digital issues and challenges.

Follow this link to find the full program and register:

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