15 mobile apps for a successful vacation

Summer is near and summer vacations are with us. A world of relaxation and bliss, the preparation of which is a millimeter ritual where every detail counts! Therefore, it is better to prepare everything in advance and download the mobile application to facilitate your departure, your stay, and above all, have the best holidays …

For you, we have everything planned with this top 15 apps to download for a successful summer. In short, enough to make your smartphone the ideal travel companion.

Application n ° 1 – Blablacar: cheaply to go on a trip.

Carpooling is popular and the Blablacar app (carpooling.com) works very well! The impressive number of tours and the very low prices are proof of this. There are many destinations available in France and Europe and unlike SNCF, prices do not increase at the last minute. We can finally make bookings on a whim without breaking the bank!

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Application n ° 2 – Airbnb: To book a room with locals.

The world’s No. 1 in Bed & Breakfast, the benchmark for many rooms in private homes, is low-cost. Airbnb is above all an opportunity to meet and share daily life, room and board with locals for a great experience and invaluable advice (apart from the booking fees charged by the site).

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Application n ° 3 – Waze: To drive quietly and avoid traffic jams.

Well, the application is much better known because users are warned of mobile speed cameras and the famous black dots that indicate the presence of fixed speed cameras. In addition, it is a real nugget as the application detects accidents, hazards, deceleration and provides real-time sharing of traffic data to improve routes offered to provide shortcuts to drivers especially in the event of traffic jams. based on.

FYI, Google got its hands on the Israeli startup that edited the application, it’s a safe bet that Google Maps is slowly integrating these collaborative tools…

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Application n ° 4 – TripAdvisor: to find the best places to visit.

Arrive in a city without a guide, without friends to advise you on the most beautiful places; it’s finish ! With Trip Advisor, it is easily possible to find the places, monuments, restaurants, nightclubs and bars that are most recommended by tourists before your first stay in a city. Goodbye, (very) unpleasant surprises on the holiday!

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Application n ° 5 – La Fourchette: to find a good cheap restaurant / bar.

In the same argument, but even stronger, a French application stands by offering bars to promote from an application. Never mind, TripAdvisor just bought the fork, the two applications run side by side with an interconnected integration to better navigate between all the places and restaurants.

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Application n ° 6 – Weather Channel: to take advantage of reliable weather forecasts in advance and to personalize its alerts.

Doesn’t exist a perfect weather app? If it is possible, it exists and here is the proof: The Weather Channel application is complete with accurate and advance forecasts, and above all a perfect widget to consult the weather at a glance.

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Application n ° 7 – Viber: to make free calls from abroad (via Wi-Fi).

You should still have a Wi-Fi hotspot! Fast food will often do the trick, in the end, just install the application and call a contact who has a smartphone, PC or tablet with the Viber application. Not very practical, but so important, to continue having live conversations with my family in France while we have fun on vacation on the other side of the world.

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Application n ° 8 – Lookout: To hold the pickpocket hand in the bag.

Here is a very practical application that allows you to secure your data and locate your smartphone by activating your GPS, camera remotely or ringing it. Related Antivirus is one of the most recommended for protecting personal data and managing permissions assigned to applications.

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Application n ° 9 – Cut the rope: to make your children wait in traffic jams.

“Cut the rope”, in French to cut the rope, and if only we could take the opportunity to cut the cork too… Unfortunately, no application has been created for this purpose yet. Meanwhile, this is the application that will suit young and old!

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Application n ° 10 – Pixlr: To immortalize your most beautiful selfie with your feet in the water.

A little bored with Instagram’s simplicity and lack of detail? Pixlr is an on-board photo lab that implements a variety of effects and photo retouching completely from your mobile.

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Application # 11 – Warden Camera: To keep an eye on the house always.

The app does the monitoring feat completely free. Combined with a Gmail account and the free Dropbox cloud service, the application allows you to connect one device (tablet, smartphone) to another and retrieve video streams with ease.

So an old smartphone that’s not in use? Leave it connected by activating the app to watch everything at home!


The app n ° 12 – Flipboard: to read on the edge of the water on your tablet and stay up to date with the latest news.

Flipboard makes it easy to read news, content and many websites and blogs like newspaper. Easily configurable, the application is very ergonomic for practical reading on both tablets and smartphones.

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Application n ° 13 – StumbleUpon: passing the time by tanning and exploring the world by chance.

StumbleUpon is a social network based on recommendations from friends and community. Millions of sites, pages, and content to find just like you: StumbleUpon is the eve of something we’re not looking for, but that will certainly surprise us on the web.

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Application n ° 14 – Deezer: to listen to all your playlists on mobile.

Deezer is again free in the PC version, although it is still paid for on mobile. But subscription for one month is not excessive and all music is synchronized on smartphones and tablets with unlimited access. In short, a summer membership can be a great option to bring all your music on board and listen to all the hits during your vacation in the car, at the beach and everywhere else.

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Application n ° 15 – MyTF1: not to miss the replay of Mentalist 😉

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Article written by Thomas Goirand, consultant at marketing agency 1min30. If this interests you, you can download our analysis of mobile trends for 2014.

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