14 trends to develop a winning strategy in 2022 [Livre Blanc]

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing levers for both working on your notoriety and your return on investment. It is developing more and more professionalize, In this context, it is necessary to develop increasingly sophisticated strategies. Find out in this white paper proposed by Stellar, 14 Influential Marketing Trends To follow to make your campaigns a success in 2022…

Stellar, an influencer marketing platform, has surrounded itself with 37 experts and is publishing a new white paper dedicated to best practices to follow for 2022.

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A Comprehensive Influencer Marketing Report

37 experts and players in the digital and influencer marketing market were convened to provide you with a comprehensive report on sector developments, trends and tools to develop your strategy.

A goldmine to properly frame your influence marketing.

you want:

  • Learn more about the universe of influential people?
  • Learn how to run successful campaigns and grow them with influencer marketing.
  • Discover new trends on influencer marketing and social networks?
  • Learn about the formats, platforms, and devices that will grow in 2022.

This free downloadable white paper is for you!

Clear explanations, supplemented with concrete examples and expert interventions, will allow you to have a complete view of the market and all the important information to build an effective strategy.

Topics covered by the white paper

Among the main themes, the white paper focuses on the commercialization of influence marketing: dedicated schools, clear identification of partnerships, area expertise, etc.

You will also discover the development of more responsible partnerships and authenticAlong with the sharing of common values ​​needed to create authentic yet effective messages.

You will be offered all the means to perform better: from the promotion of your campaigns to the selection of categories of influencers through the use of the right formats and tools.

There is also a section dedicated to the specifics of influencer marketing in the B2B market.

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14 2022 Trends for Influencer Marketing

Trends you’ll find in this white paper:

  1. Transparency in the legal framework of influencer marketing.
  2. Responsible Influencer Marketing. Did you know that 52% of households prefer committed brands and 44% of influencers refuse collaboration for lack of alignment with the brand?
  3. amplification. Influencer marketing campaigns, to be effective, must be amplified and combined with a global 360 communication strategy.
  4. A mix of influencers. For a successful campaign, it is essential to connect different types of influencers (nano, micro, macro…) and different styles and formats (text, video, photo, live, stories, audio…).
  5. Long term association with influencers with its associated benefits. 68% of influencers appreciate working with brands over the long term.
  6. Build campaigns by integrating influencers as co-creators and integrated partners within brands’ sales and marketing teams.
  7. Storytelling to help your target remember your message better.
  8. B2B Influencer Marketing, a must in 2022, is shaking up the standards of influence.
  9. Tik Tok, Instagram Actual and YouTube Shorts. Video is the winning format for 2022.
  10. podcast. Important because 87% of French people listen to audio everyday.
  11. Twitch, the platform for all records
  12. Live shopping and social selling to maximize campaign performance
  13. The Future of Influencer Marketing in the Metaverse
  14. Data Driven Approach and Associated Tools

The whitepaper will go into detail about all of these trends (and more) to give you a clear vision, numbers, recommendations, tools, and strategies for building your 2022 influencer marketing.

You know what you’ve given up on:

download white paper for free


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An article written in collaboration with Stellar

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