11 Essential Tools for the Community Manager in 2021

Digital marketing has never been so important today, as social networks and the web have grown in size in 2021. So community managers and companies need to be more and more efficient by using new tools. Without further ado, discover the best Community Manager tools in 2021…

1- Buffer

Buffer is one of the best publishing planning tools a community manager needs. It works with many social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Its advantage is that it is easy to use and can be installed on computers as well as mobile phones.

Moreover, for your various tasks, you will save your precious time with this tool. Buffer is available in different versions, with the Professional Edition (the most expensive) for large companies and the cheapest for small and medium-sized companies. In addition, the tool is offered in a free version which is also limited in functionality.

2- Canva

Canva is a tool to crop, crop, and design beautiful images. Efficient and easy to use, it is the ideal tool for creating unique and quality visual content.

Its advantage is that it is accessible to all. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create quality images with Canva. And like the previous tool, Canva is available in several versions: paid version and free version. The first gives you more features to improve your video project. In short, Canva is one of the favorite tools of community managers.

3- Socialbaker

The tool has several features that allow you to analyze your posts and distribute them across different platforms, such as Pinterest and Facebook. It allows you to monitor the competition, analyze your audience, and find out how your target perceives your brand.

This is how you can create strategies to improve your products and services to be offered to customers. It is also simple to use and saves you time during your work.

4- Hootsuite

It is difficult to name the tools required for a community manager without talking about the Hootsuite platform. Like the others, it’s useful for scheduling your posts on various social networks: LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Hootsuite is available in a free version, but is of course limited as you will only benefit from one user account and three social networks.

For more features, you have to pay a subscription. For 20 euros, you will have everything you need to schedule your posts and follow their statistics. Those with a higher budget can opt for the 500 Euro formula.

5- LocalRanker

LocalRanker is the all-in-one solution to improve local SEO for convenience stores and agencies. It allows you to manage Google and Facebook reviews of multiple Google My Business listings at the same time.

It’s easy enough if you manage your customers’ Google My Business accounts. This tool is similar to Buffer, but applies to Google My Business posts. It is possible to schedule posts and thus save time as posts on Google expire in 7 days.

In addition, you can collect more reviews via SMS requests and easily respond to each review through response templates. You can also manage questions and answers for Google My Business listings and access other features like Google My Business audit and website SEO audit. On the subscription side, you have a free version as well as a more complete version for scheduling performances on the platform.

6- Feedly

It is an all-in-one tool for all community managers who want to be aware of the latest trends in their field of activity. It helps to organize your posts and learn a little more about your competition. In fact, with this platform, you have the possibility to follow everything that is published on any site. Also note that it is available in free and paid version. The latter is more suitable for those who want more features to achieve their goals.

7- dull

Slack is the ideal platform to create and chat with your target private groups. Many community managers appreciate this because it allows for different content to be shared. Whether it’s a video, PDF, image or text document, you can share everything with your group through Slack.

Plus, unlike Feedly, Canva, and many others, this tool brings all your tools together. Plus, those who don’t need the more advanced features will turn to the free version. Otherwise, the one that is chargeable will work best for you. When it comes to formulas, Slack gives you several options.

8- MailChimp

Launched in the market since 2001, the Mailchimp platform now has over 10 million active users. And if it’s becoming more and more popular with companies and community managers, it’s mainly because it’s both comprehensive and intuitive.

Actually, it provides many services, such as emailing, SMS sending, marketing automation, CRM, multiple integration catalogs etc. Here too, there are several versions available to you: the free version and the paid version. If you choose the latter, you have a choice between several plans: the Essentials offer ($9.99 per month), the Standard offer ($14.99) and the Premium offer ($299).

9- Concept

If you are looking for an all-in-one community manager tool to efficiently manage your tasks, Notion is for you. It is one of the essential things in the field as it allows you to take notes, manage your projects, your data as well as your knowledge.

In all, it offers 4 plans. For individual or group use, you have the choice between the free plan, the Personal Pro ($5 per month), the Team plan ($8 per person), and the Business plan.

10- Google Alerts

Unlike many other similar solutions, Google Alerts is free. This allows you to read what users are saying about your products and create strategies to better manage your online reputation. But not only that!

With Google Alerts, you can monitor your backlinks and check if someone else copied your site. Also remember that this tool allows you to get an idea of ​​what the competition is up to and to read opinions on them. Basically, the Google Alerts tool is a must-have for a community manager.


For better work organization and better management of your project development, having the right tools is essential. And among the most essential of a community manager is Trello.

This tool allows you to organize the tasks of your various projects. More and more popular with SMEs, it makes working on a project easier among employees. It is available in a free version which offers less limited functions unlike many other tools.

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