10 trends to watch for 2023

Already last year, Stellar, an influencer marketing platform, published a white paper on Influencer Marketing Trends. This year, it repeats by sharing the new trends for 2023. With 40 experts in the field, Stellar today gives us a document allowing us to calmly prepare for next year…

A study conducted in partnership with Moderator’s Blog in September 2022. This specifically showed that influence marketing was considered One of the most profitable channels by brands And 60% of the latter plan to increase their budget in 2023.

As an extension of this survey, the white paper highlights trends that will help you develop your influence and social media strategy.

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10 Influencer Marketing Trends

A real research work has been done to uncover the various trends in depth. Statistics, concrete cases, advice for a successful implementation… Among the 40 experts participating in the project, we find influencers, agencies, brands as well as legal and technical experts. The diversity of stakeholders makes the document richer. Also note that the white paper is not hype compared to Stellar’s offering (admittedly excellent), and is really focused on advice. Which is commendable.

Here are 10 trends you’ll find detailed in the white paper:

1. Legislation and Accountability: Toward Fair Influencer Marketing, In 2023, influencer marketing will continue to be structured to preserve the trust capital of influencers.

2. The growing power of influencers in the era of the creator economy. Influencers will establish themselves as players in the influence economy by multiplying their sources of income and building their business.

3. Committed Influence Marketing: The boom in campaigns with strong values. Environmental, social and economic sustainability are prioritized by consumers. Influencers will increasingly become spokespeople for these commitments.

4. Short Videos… Shorter and Shorter! Short videos will continue to be essential, although formats tend to move slightly towards longer formats. Brands have to adapt their communication channels.

5. LinkedIn: The new playground for B2B and B2C brands and influencers. Linkedin’s influence is continuously increasing in B2C as well.

6. Live Success: When influencers play live cards. All platforms now offer a live format acclaimed for its authenticity.

7. The Rise of Social Commerce or Selling 2.0. Live shopping, AR/VR, QR codes, conversational commerce… the possibilities are endless.

8. When Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing unite! Affiliate links, promotional codes, Amazon programs… a boon for brands.

9. The Virtual World: The Influencer Marketing of Tomorrow Goes Beyond Social Networks. The metaverse will continue to grow and influencers will invest in it.

10. Gamification, Experiences, Challenges: Engage your community! More creative and daring devices, a higher engagement rate… Gamification will be at the heart of influencer campaigns in 2023.

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To finish

In 2022 and in 2023 the demand for this sector will be higher than ever before. Influencers, brands and agencies have matured, and will approach this topic in a more structured and professional manner, thus responding to the rules of transparency and the duty of accountability imposed on them. Finally, consumers and influencers now expect brands to be committed and communicate strong values. More authentic and human, so many influencer campaigns will have as their primary objective to build a link and communicate the brands’ values ​​and commitments.

You still need to read this white paper to prepare your 2023 strategy 🙂

Click here to download the white paper


Stellar is a French-Belgian company, a leader in influencer marketing, operating successfully since 2015 from its offices in Paris, Brussels and Copenhagen. Stellar provides simple and innovative solutions to enable companies and organizations to collaborate with the right influencers, launch and measure successful influencer campaigns and ROI on social networks through 2 solutions:

Stellar agency with a set of influencer campaign services and B2B and BtoC media relationships.

Stellar Platform, SaaS Solutions

If you want to professionalize your influencer marketing strategy and save time managing and monitoring your campaigns, this is unquestionably the tool you need!

You have the option of taking a free trial or requesting a demo on their site.

Article written in collaboration with Stellar

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