10 social media trends to include in your 2022 social media strategy

In partnership with HubSpot, Talkwalker, a platform specializing in consumer intelligence and surveillance, provides an ultra-complete study on social network trends for 2022. An essential document to prepare for your 2022 social media strategy….

This report presents 10 trends to incorporate into your strategy and guides you on how to master them to maximize your results. Talkwalker has brought together 70 expert advice, 50 concrete actions to be taken as soon as possible, and examples of brands embracing these trends. A real gold mine.

In these trends, we will find:

  1. The success of TikTok and its implications for brands and social networks.
  2. Development of social advertising.
  3. Social sales growth.
  4. New content format in the context of the post-pandemic.
  5. Choice of social media consumption methods.
  6. The maturity of influencer marketing.
  7. Decentralization of social media.
  8. The Metaverse and the Rise of Virtual Reality.
  9. Developing brand inclusivity.
  10. The growing power of communities.

To start, we invite you to share your feedback on 4 out of 10 trends.

To download the full study for free, a 56-page document with everything you need to know to design your strategy, just follow this link.

1: Impact of TikTok for Brands

TikTok will remain a safe trend in 2022. The network, which has been expanding since 2020, is continuing its momentum.

TikTok provides brands with great exposure and attractive formats.

In the coming months, TikTok will develop e-commerce and monetization-oriented formats and features to appeal to brands and engage them with consumers.

The network offers very different formats, uses, and codes from other networks. A winning bet in view of the mass adoption of these uses by users. The return on investment is greater for brands with #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trends or even new ad formats.

New core features will also be visible to the users. For example tiktok resume which provides a new approach to recruitment which is much more human as compared to traditional CV.

TikTok will continue to be a pioneering platform in 2022 and will continue to inspire other platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

Find out more about this and other trends by downloading the study.

2: New Content Format

The materials, their formats, their vocals have evolved tremendously with the pandemic. Communication rules have changed with the widespread use of social networks during the period of imprisonment.

Internet users want more and more local and specific. Now we must consider creating specific content for different generations and communities. Consumers expect stories to shape up for them in terms of both information and genre. They want more transparency and authenticity (with the #NoMoreBulshit trend). Correct targeting associated with personalized content will be the key to success.

Video continues to evolve from the text format, and audio has become a popular format. Audio should be clearly integrated into your communication strategy With podcasts or networks like Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces.

Find out more about this and other trends by downloading the study.

3: Maturity of Influencer Marketing

In continuous development for many years, influence marketing will reach maturity. This is one of the levers that provide the best results today.

Ignoring influencer marketing in 2022 risks seeing your consumer base stagnant.

Instagram and Tiktok are two such platforms, which are in favor of influencing your marketing operations. They are particularly effective especially in the field of e-commerce.

Also note that the number of influencers is on the rise, so you need to pick the right people according to their community, their engagement rate, and their affinity with the brand.

Collaborating with influential people and building genuine relationships with them is essential.

Word of mouth with micro-influencers and consumers is also a part of your strategy. All influencers matter regardless of their size.

truthfulness In the end priority will be given to get good engagement rates. Indeed, with the number of influencers increasing year after year, it is essential to choose influencers that fit the DNA of the brand and have authentic content to stand out.

Find out more about this and other trends by downloading the study.

4: Rise of the Metaverse

This topic is gaining momentum, it is undoubtedly one of the elements to keep in mind for the next few years. Integrating Metaverse into your strategy means taking it a step further to guarantee long-term results.

The Metaverse is a mix between the physical world, augmented reality and virtual reality. It integrates multiple technologies and blends them together.

Facebook bets on investing massively in the technology, with $10 billion this year and 10,000 people recruiting in Europe. This implies that the growth and development of this technology will be very rapid in the coming years.

In terms of use, this is a huge potential that brings new challenges for brands.

It is essential for brands to actively look and experiment in the field!

Find out more about this and other trends by downloading the study.

I invite you to download this valuable document now to discover all the trends and gain a ton of interesting information for developing your social media strategy.

Article written in collaboration with talkwalker

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