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Web push notification is becoming an indispensable acquisition lever for advertisers. In fact, this technology has unique properties that make it an essential element of any digital acquisition strategy. Thanks to the 10 good reasons to activate this lever, which you will discover in this article, you should understand and, perhaps, take advantage of the unique properties it offers!

1. An innovative format that sets it apart from the competition

Web notification is an innovative format. Few advertisers currently use this technology. by integrating it into your strategy Set it apart from the competition. Today, customer acquisition techniques are becoming known to the general public and their effectiveness is decreasing every day. The web push notification format is new and this makes it an attractive lever for any brand looking to test out new advertising media. Other than this, It gets very interesting performance!

2. 100% RDPD ready format offering a high opt-in rate

As with email, in order to send notifications to an Internet user, you must obtain their prior consent. This makes it a 100% RGPD ready format! Some solutions for customer activation by web push notifications, for example, use personalized templates that make this possible Boosting the opt-in rate, achieving an average performance of 15% opt-in rate. While we know that almost 99% of Internet users who visit a website leave without giving them any means of contacting them again, it allows advertisers to quickly build up a customer base, which is ad-hoc. Or it would be possible to retarget through automated web and mobile web campaigns. Notifications.

3. Send Personalized Messages to Goals

The collection of web push subscribers is structured in such a way that we can know from which page internet users have subscribed. Thus, it is possible Very specific targeting of people on base. For example, it makes it possible to set up ultra-precise marketing automation scenarios to improve conversion rates. Also, it is possible to know if Aadhaar people have already made purchases on the e-commerce site… thus making it possible to cross-sell Or maintain a relationship of loyalty with your audience.

4. Communicate anytime, anywhere and in real time

Web Push Notification has a very unique feature. It is directly displayed on the screen of the user’s mobile or computer. Actually, it is the browser that takes care of sending the notification which will be displayed by the operating system of the terminal. Thus, viewers do not need to browse the internet to get notified of a message. It leaves immediately and can be scheduled at the agreed time!

5. An anti-fraud and brand friendly format

It is common for customer acquisition solutions (email, display, etc.) to generate advertising fraud and/or damage a brand’s image. Sometimes ads are displayed on publisher sites that are contrary to a brand’s values ​​and may have the desired opposite effect. As we saw in the previous point, web notifications appear directly on the user’s screen! Thanks for this specification, We eliminate all risks of fraud or damage to the company’s image.

6. Full Control of Budget and Marketing Pressure

As we saw earlier, web push notification is an anti-fraud format that allows you to have complete control over your brand image. In the same way, this technique provides complete control of the marketing pressure and hence its budget. Actually, The team in charge of customer acquisition is the only one who decides to whom and when to send personalized messages! Thus, it is possible to communicate when you want to communicate to your audience.

7. An Anti-Ad Blocker Format

If you are new to online advertising, you must know that it is very difficult to reach everyone. Why ? This is due to ad blockers. There are at least 36% of French Internet users who use one!

Web push notification overrides ad blockers! In fact, these browser extensions do not block opt-in requests and have no control over the sending of notifications to audience devices! Using this solution, advertisers can reach their 100% subscribed audience, even those who use an ad blocker!

8. Interesting Click-Through Rates

On average, for remarketing and retargeting offers, the CTR of web push notifications is around 5%, compared to 0.1 to 0.5% for performance. That’s 500 times more! Along with the conversion rate, the number of conversions made thanks to web push notification exceeds all other levers.

9. Conversion rate higher than SEM

Web push notifications are a performance barometer. In this barometer, it is possible to see how the web notification is positioned with respect to the SEM. Summary, This leverage far outperforms SEM in most e-commerce categories!

10. A Cookieless Format

Now is the time to learn how to do remarketing without third-party cookies! In fact, this technology that allows retargeting on the web and has been in use since 1994, will disappear in 2022. With this solution, you are able to reach users who have visited your site or specific pages!

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