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Every year, the marketing world begins to reinvent itself. But, by disrupting consumption patterns, the pandemic has exacerbated the phenomenon and pushed companies that had not yet resolved to embrace the digital transition. Therefore it is hardly surprising that content marketing has been a matter of particular enthusiasm. In 2022, the trend will not only be confirmed, but new concepts will also be welcomed. We uncover everything for you.

No Content Marketing… Without Content!

So far, nothing unexpected. Content marketing, no matter how innovative, is always about the content. Rather, it is the material itself that evolves to meet increasingly stringent quality requirements. In 2022, there’s no question of trying to rank a site on another unique keyword! As far as search engines are concerned for readers, it is now necessary to prefer longer articles, which contain reliable information and which provide clear answers to the queries of internet users. Endowed with ever more impressive intelligence, algorithms are now fully capable of recognizing content created in a hurry!

Sentinel is authenticity. Don’t hesitate to take a stand to better establish your brand image. Content written by experts, by your founder, storytelling… Bet on texts that will highlight your unique side and connect you with an original and positive thought in the minds of your prospects.

Customer Experience: No more room for error

For today’s consumer, the web is part of everyday life. As he spends more and more time online, the internet user is easily exposed to your competition. Their preference between two sites offering essentially the same thing is established in a matter of seconds, giving you only a moment to make a good impression and convert a visitor into a customer. A lot is played out at the UI and UX level.

this aspect of content marketing Depends on a designed shopping process to ensure customer satisfaction through an ultra-smooth and personalized experience. Result: Increased brand image, more loyal customers and increased business.

Attribution and reporting: everything you need to know about your goals

Knowing your target well means knowing how to aim straight and hit the bullseye! In 2022, Strategies for content marketing Leverage reporting to optimize relevance to the expectations of your audience. Socio-professional category, age, place of residence, shopping habits… Thanks to in-depth demographic reports, you’ll know how to personalize your content as much as possible. From your favorite social networks to the formats of your publications, including the tone you adopt, you’ll be able to work with your audience in alignment with the best influencers.

Attribution reports will also be part of the most knowledgeable organizations’ arsenal this year. In the program, an in-depth analysis of your conversion funnel to reveal all the features of your customer journey. Here again, it’s a question of getting as close to an “ideal” customer experience as possible.

Frequent: SEO

No, the most anticipated new trends and technologies in the coming months will provide no substitute for the natural context. So it will be necessary to continue to take care of your SEO to be able to maintain your place in Google results or claim ranking on the first page.

This year, your strategy content marketing Should revolve around well chosen keywords, but also localization. Don’t neglect optimizing your site for mobile, because internet users no longer consider being denied certain services by using their telephones!

Account Based Marketing for All

ABM has long been the prerogative of large B2B groups. For the latter, a campaign of content marketing Operating well requires optimum ROI, optimized resources, excellent collaboration between teams and clear KPIs. It aims to attract the attention of high potential organizations by producing exceptionally qualitative and highly personalized content for a specific goal.

The practice is becoming more democratic and seems to deliver on its promises even for smaller companies. The advantage of positioning yourself so accurately is that the competition is far less difficult. Choose your goals carefully by carefully studying the various possibilities available to you on social networks.

Automation is gaining ground

Automation has its place in the world of content marketing and can be used for personalization purposes. With the gradual disappearance of cookies, it will take on its full meaning and help you refine the knowledge about your prospects, especially thanks to behavior tracking.

You can also use this information to better segment your leads and suggest content designed to match their profile and behavior.

space for interactivity

Enthusiasm for interactivity will set the tone in 2022, in line with the desire of consumers to provide a more personalized experience content marketing, Designed to spark consumer interest, the formats are more playful, inviting tangible engagement.

Quizzes, surveys, calculators, comparators, (video) games, interactive white papers… everything is an excuse to engage the customer. The advancement of augmented reality and virtual reality will make a beneficial contribution to this.

The goal of interactivity will be to create a genuine connection between the brand and its customers. Authentic and engaging, the 2022 edition promises more relevance, but also fun!


Expect a resurgence of chatbots (with improved artificial intelligence!) to provide a lively virtual chat experience. Machine learning is also gaining ground. Mission-critical tasks (especially repetitive ones) will be less time-consuming for higher ROI and greater reliability.

Video, but short!

The craze of Tiktok does not lie and content marketing The demand for videos in an even more engaging format continues. Live can be an interesting option if you want to offer longer videos, as well as expert interviews, webinars, and conferences.

Adapt to your goals using the tools at your disposal!

loyalty through social listening

A customer who feels heard and understood, who sees that brands value their opinion and their satisfaction, opens up to a genuine relationship. Sensitive to the way she’s perceived (here again, authenticity has its role), the follower tends to only endorse brands that respect her and try to build an honest relationship with her .

More than ever, social networks will be at the center of many strategies this year. It is up to you to choose the right channels to exchange with people who look like you.

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