10 most used tools in 2021 by the best digital agencies

Here are the most commonly used tools by digital agencies, web agencies, community management or SEO. These platforms often come back on the list…


SEMRush is a versatile SEO tool that offers a plethora of SEO features. It provides a comprehensive list of keywords and also gives information about search volume, trends, competition level etc.

SEMRush generates a keyword list for a predefined phrase or term that you should consider when optimizing content for social media, articles and website as well as PPC advertising.

In addition to keyword generation, this is also useful if you: want to identify new competitors. Analyze competitors’ keywords and ads. Analyze your site and your competitors’ backlinks.


LocalRanker is an all-in-one local SEO and online reputation solution. This is an essential solution if you have multiple clients that have points of sale, restaurants or agencies.

The solution allows you to manage the visibility of all your customers in one place. You can manage your customer opinions at the same time, collect more opinions for your customers for campaigns by SMS or QR code, plan Google posts on the web, get your customers’ local context Can optimize auditing thanks to the integrated GMB and website auditing.

This is a real time saver for an agency or chain that manages multiple Google accounts at the same time.

You can also integrate your Google and Facebook reviews on your website using LocalRanker’s customer review widget on your website.


Buffer has been on the list of most used digital marketing tools over the years as one of the best social media management apps for businesses.

This tool is an exception when it comes to scheduling social media posts, analyzing performance, and managing different social media accounts from one place. More than 100,000 businesses already use Buffer to effectively manage their social networks.

You can add multiple members of your team to your Buffer account by giving them the appropriate access level. And now, with the latest update, you can schedule your posts directly on Instagram.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has become an essential tool for digital agencies in 2021. This is the most popular tool that every digital marketer should know.

At first glance, the tool might seem a bit complicated, but once you understand all its capabilities, it can help you find a lot of information about your website. The platform provides a range of reports containing information about your website visitors – where they are coming from and how they are interacting with your site. It also tells you which marketing techniques are most effective on your site in terms of visits, conversions, downloads and sales.


Buzzsumo is a smart digital marketing tool that lets you analyze what type of content is going viral right now for any topic.

It helps you find and find the most shared content related to the keywords of your choice. It allows marketers and digital agencies to better understand their social media footprint and helps them design better content strategies for their business and their customers. It also helps to ensure that SEO and content marketing campaigns are given the best possible strategy to achieve good results in a niche or with a target audience.


Calendly is one of the best meeting planning tools for startups. The tool checks your calendar in advance on busy days to avoid overlap, and you can even customize your availability for each type of event.

That way Calendly only shows you when you’re available and really want to schedule a meeting or event. When an event is scheduled, the app sends you and your guest or coworker a confirmation email and automatically adds the event to your calendar. The basic functionality of the app is free, making it ideal for smaller agencies.


These days, digital marketers are driving traffic not to their home pages, but to the capture and sales pages. Conversion rates are usually much better with this method, but may require developing a funnel.

This is where Unbounce comes in. This tool allows digital marketers to build sales funnels (from capture pages, sales pages to thank you pages) without the need for developers and designers. You can create, customize and publish pages for yourself or your clients in very little time without relying on web developers.


If your digital agency has a large or small team, you may find that tools like Slack make communication easier. Designed with a focus on business interactions, Slack encourages collaboration, networking, and online meetings.

The great thing about Slack is that you can integrate with an unlimited number of third-party data sharing apps like analytics, A/B test results, transaction details, and even customer information. It’s free for small businesses, and special rates are available for larger businesses.

The search for calendar candidates often goes ahead of time – both human factors and coercion such as epidemics and crises are affected. But luckily, in the digital age, there are handy HR tools that make it easy to schedule meetings, find experts, and do routine chores. According to statistics, 30% of recruiters still do not believe in the power of social networks and use specialized sites only to find candidates.

google ads

If you are looking for a marketing tool that can help you with your advertising, Google Ads is the perfect solution. You can choose between “pay-per-click” or “pay-per-action” ads, and you’ll also have access to Google’s Keyword Planner.

A useful SEO marketing tool, Keyword Planner can help you optimize your ads for maximum effectiveness along with your regular search strategy. Your Google ad will appear on the search results page whenever a user asks about the keyword you selected.


Your team will thank you for introducing Trello! As a project management tool, this app is useful for brainstorming and strategy building. It’s free and easy to use, even if your team members are spread all over the world.

Users can create thematic sheets and add relevant notes to each. Time limits and topics can be easily assigned to team members, and each task can be marked as completed upon completion.

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