10 mobile apps that help you everyday

While in 2014 the download and use of mobile productivity applications exploded in terms of growth (+124%), it seems that the trend today is useful and no longer just entertainment. That is why we present here 10 useful and practical mobile applications for your daily life, to improve your productivity or your daily life …

1. Blablacar

We start with something famous, but one that profoundly changed the way millions of French people consume it. The collaborative economy is one of its biggest successes, with sharing its journeys as a model. If you don’t know and you regularly – or don’t – take trips of more than an hour, you will undoubtedly win over the financial gain or even the allure of the meetings.
Blablacar. application of

2. Bankine

The management of personal finance has seen the advent of a number of players in recent years thanks to the ineffectiveness (or absence) of online banking services. Bankin is one of them, and allows you to manage your accounts, your expenses, and optimize your personal finances (useful for piercing baskets ).
banking website

3. Moves

We tend to favor sports apps with Moves in Movement and other applications to follow his activity. Moves gives you a summary of your daily activity, running time, running (even by bike), distance covered per day, … Very useful for those who follow their activity and form Want to customize it to maintain. ,
Link to Moves

4. Exercise

We stay in the game with this application in English that makes your daily physical exercise fun. Using the principle of gamification, the app provides you with challenges and allows you to accumulate points, then badges. It allows you to measure yourself against other users, and also acts as a social network. A must for everyday runners!
Apps on Google Play and iTunes

5. I Exchange

Here’s an application rejected from a website that helps you reduce the amount of your monthly bills, whether it’s electricity and/or gas, your advertising and mobile packages, or even your supplemental health. Ho. Big breakthrough for this service, which recently got a mobile application that lets you take pictures of your energy supplier’s bills and send them to specialists who find a cheap competitive offer for you. The application plans to provide a similar service for adsl invoices.
Jechange.fr application

6. Thunderspace

We go a little quieter with Thunderspace, and an application designed to make you relax. how? ‘ or ‘ what? Create relaxing sounds with the sound of rain, gusts of wind, thunder of storm… The sounds recorded in the natural environment, and which may not help you fall asleep, relax you after a very stressful day .
app on itunes

7. Prismo

Small but very practical productivity application. Create PDF file from Prismo photos. If you need to send invoices or paper documents in digital format, there’s no need to scan, take a picture and Prismo does the rest!
Prizmo on iTunes

8. Parcel

For those who are inclined to make purchases on the Internet, the parcel will undoubtedly be of great use. It’s a system to track your packages in real time from hundreds of carriers, including the French of course. Using the application, all you have to do is enter the parcel code or scan the bar code, and you will have all your parcels in transit on a single application. You had to think about it!
parcel site

9. Workflow

We are moving towards automation with workflow. Actual usage depends on your imagination, but the principle is to automate tasks that you perform with your phone on a daily basis and those that take you, by the end, a lot of time. With Workflow, you can group them together, and complete the task with just one click.
Worklow on iTunes

10. Disconnect Mobile

We end with a perfect application for allergy sufferers of cookies and the Internet Police. Disconnect Mobile allows you to browse without being tracked, and without services/sites that collect personal information about you. An application that also reduces the risk of identity theft.
disconnect mobile website

Image source: Shutterstock.

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