10 key indicators and metrics to track

With over 454 million monthly active users and a growing number of brands investing in it, Pinterest is one channel you don’t want to pass up. Unlike most social networks, it provides extremely valuable insights through multiple charts and metrics. Here are 12 key indicators and metrics to track on Pinterest Analytics…

Pinterest Analytics provides a suite of tools for its pinners and content creators. The best part is that this information is available not only for paid ads, but also for organic content.

Continuously measuring your activity on Pinterest can help your business identify the type of content that has the most impact on this social network and your specific audience.

But you really don’t know what to look for?

This article is not meant for an in-depth analysis, but it does help you learn the basic key metrics to track your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Learn the metrics you need to monitor Pinterest Analytics regularly to give you an idea of ​​the overall health of your Pinterest account and your marketing efforts.

1. Total Audience

It metrics the total number of people who have unique Pinterest accounts that have seen your Pin. This is useful because the data can sometimes be skewed when the same person views the same PIN multiple times.

2. Engaged Audience

It’s about the audience actually engaging with your pin, not just watching. It shows you how many people interacted with your Pin in a given month, whether they were followers or not. If your goal is to increase visibility and brand awareness, increasing your engaged audience can be an important metric to track. If your goal is primarily to increase website traffic, this may not be as necessary, but it can still provide insight into your reach.

3. Average Reppin Per Pin

Based on your brand’s past engagement history, Average Repin per Pin defines the average number of Repins your brand receives every time a Pin or Repin is created.

4. Number of visitors and visits to your website

Understanding how much of your Pinterest audience is directed to your website is a powerful indicator for determining the overall success of your presence. Pinterest can drive more visibility, more customers, and sales to your website over time.

5. Impressions

This is the number of times people see your Pin on Pinterest from their home feed, search results, or other Pinboards. A good number of impressions will indicate that your SEO and keywords are working, which helps your Pin get good distribution.

6. Link Clicks or Outbound Clicks

This metric tells you how many times someone clicked on anything you linked to your PIN (website, YouTube channel, etc.). It is usually reviewed weekly, monthly and quarterly. While some businesses focus more on brand awareness and visibility, many businesses use Pinterest to drive traffic. This is one of the best ways to track how well your overall Pinterest account is doing at driving traffic to your important posts and pages.

7. Page Visits

This specific metric measures the number of times users visit your website through Pinterest. It’s perfect for those looking to link their website conversions to their Pinterest performance.

8. Best Pins

Which of your pins works best? Use this metric to find out which Pins get the most impressions, engagement, link clicks, close-ups and savings. While you can also find top posts in Google Analytics, the most visited pins, especially by link clicks, provide a quick and easy way to find out what the traffic is.

9. Backup

This is the number of pinners that save your pins on one of their boards. It gives you insight into which pins resonate most with your target audience and inspire their plans and purchases.

10. Top Board or Best Board

Your best boards show you which boards are most effective. You can view them based on impressions, engagement, link clicks, close-ups (when someone clicks on your pin to see detail), and saves. By discovering your best boards, you can figure out what types of materials you should be using the most, and also analyze why this board is performing well and how you can improve your other existing boards. can customize.

Similar to YouTube, Pinterest offers incredibly in-depth analytics. Considering that most business owners use Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites, it’s no surprise that Pins link clicks to websites and these other key metrics are critical to earning a business. Followers on Pinterest and maintain your Pinner base.

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