10 good reasons to switch to mobile sales enablement

The growth of any economic activity primarily depends on the ability of the sales force to convert the company’s commercial policy into results. To achieve this, it is necessary to have tools that allow better optimization and improvement of working methods. The technological breakthrough brought by tablets has enabled the emergence of new applications targeting sales performance and optimization of all factors allowing sales to end: Applications of mobile sales enablement …

Born in the United States, the concept involves using digital tools on a tablet to optimize all of the factors that allow a sale to end. More and more commercial organizations are driving this digital transformation of sales teams as a high potential growth driver. To understand some of the “key growth factors” of mobile sales enablement, we suggest you review 10 good reasons to adopt it permanently.

1. Alignment of Sales and Marketing Teams

One of the first customizations provided by mobile sales enablement is to align sales and marketing teams. All media and content produced by Marketing is made available to Seller automatically and in real time (by connecting a tablet). This way each vendor can take advantage of all the wealth of product support and share them with their customers. In the other direction and field, everyone also has the possibility of notifying marketing teams immediately. This short two-way link between two teams strengthens cohesion and teamwork. This new win-win relationship keeps their activities within a good range.

2. A New Sales Experience

Working on tablets, a strong tenet of mobile sales enablement is to deeply rev up the relationships you have with your customers. The interface you share allows the customer to engage, engage and provide them with a unified, simpler and more successful experience in the sales process. Hence the tablet is the central element. It is he who forms the link between buyer and seller. The seller has nothing to hide: everything is transparent and the customer is invited to enter the brand’s sphere of influence through the use of a simple and intuitive application. This new interaction in favor of customer engagement results in better appropriation of the benefits of your offer.

3. Your sales support always available and up to date

Regardless of your preparation and experience, there is always an element of the unexpected in a client presentation. However, if there really is an embarrassing situation, it is the moment when the seller, to answer a question, begins to eagerly search the presentation medium only to manage to find out a version “from last year”. Does. It is still relevant. A mobile sales enablement application ensures that you always have all the information published from when you were last connected to your network. Instant search and bookmarks take the hassle out of scrolling through folders. The logical links that marketing can create between documents ultimately facilitate cross-selling. This new trust in your tool will be directly perceived by your customer which will maintain a better image of your brand.

4. Training tailored to your availability and your needs

It can be difficult to block out a sales team for three days for training, especially if you are unsure of how the training should be implemented. Integrated directly into your mobile sales enablement application, each salesperson can have a “training” function continuously available. Thanks to the latter, he learns and validates his achievements at his own pace and according to his own schedule. Very easy to make quizzes allow you to test your knowledge and, if necessary, to browse through the training medium again. The organization of information and internal competitions makes it possible to promote access to training, initiate full team progress and enter a cycle of continuous improvement of your human resources.

5. One Application 100% Available, On & Offline

Since it is not always possible to have a good internet connection on public transport or at the customer’s premises, the seller can always rely on their mobile sales enablement application. It is available even without an internet connection, with the same richness of content. The information feedback and presentation sharing functions are also fully functional and will operate once the network is found.

6. Presentations That Are Easy to Create and Share

Before an appointment or during a meeting, a seminar or a conference with your client, it is very easy to create personalized presentations in just a few clicks, with information that really interests your interlocutor. The simple and ergonomic navigation of the interface makes it possible to identify the supports related to your customer. No time should be wasted researching or creating your own content. You work on the right documents, are always up to date, and creating your presentations is instant: add pages, rearrange your slides, insert information, edit your content, sign your documents, and more.

Moreover, document sharing is easy as sending the document is accessible by any means and is functional even without any internet connection.

7. Data Collection from the Field

In the field, your sales force handles a vast amount of important information: strategic customer information, competitor information, actual implementation of a service or product, field overview, and more. A very large part of this information is not exploited, or at best, amplified, but not for the right interlocutor. A mobile sales enablement application helps to structure and simplify this approach. Classification of reports by sender directs the information to the right people. Since these are better taken into account, it is a win-win circle that engages in the alignment of your teams.

8. Better Communication

Communicating with mobile sales enablement has never been easier. Whether with a customer, with marketing associates, with other sales representatives or with after-sales service, everything is accessible from a tablet in three clicks. Commercial offers can be sent immediately as soon as the appointment ends or directly to the customer. When interacting with a customer, it is easy to share a product sheet or presentation.

News brings together all the information from your organization or field of activity and targeted notifications bring your application to life: uncovering business information, providing new training or quizzes, business challenges, new range available and more. Your communications are more efficient, easier to share and deliver. Better communication will have a significant impact on your sales, whether internally or externally.

9. Interconnection with your existing tools

Your mobile sales enablement application gives you the possibility to link your data to your project monitoring tool, budget or your CRM. Thus all visit reports are automatically shared and implemented across your IT infrastructure, avoiding information leakage or incomplete data sharing.

10. The Strongest Link to Your Business Efficiency

Mobile sales enablement goes far beyond ad hoc improvements to sales operations: it’s the multivitamin cocktail that energizes and strengthens your teams! Improving the image seen in meetings, optimizing the working hours of sales teams, alignment of sales and marketing teams, very precise monitoring of usage statistics, training… all these improvements are combined into a single, simple tool. User-friendly which will really boost your growth.

Because tablets have dramatically changed the way sales work, the emergence and then evolution of mobile sales enablement is changing the way salespeople work. A distinctive application will strengthen your sales and marketing teams in their daily operations and turn an approach into tangible results.

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