10 Best Practices for Optimizing Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is an excellent and affordable strategy to boost engagement and conversions. In fact, it is almost always the marketing channel with the lowest cost per conversion because it is at the bottom of the funnel. But from the right strategy for getting new customers to your list to the best ways to allow readers to unsubscribe, there are a few rules worth learning in the world of email marketing…

1. Keep your customers informed with regular email marketing campaigns

Up-to-date lists are certainly one of the most important practices to ensure low complaint rates and high engagement rates. Your mailing list is the foundation of your email marketing campaigns, which includes the email addresses of all your customers. You should update your mailing list regularly to optimize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

2. Use double opt-in to make sure your customers are genuine and have requested to receive your emails

Double opt-in lists require your contacts to confirm their email address by clicking a link before receiving “normal” email. This method is recommended because only the actual owner of the email address can register and confirm their subscription, thereby reducing spam complaints. It also prevents you from adding incorrectly entered addresses to your list.

3. Make your customers feel like they are missing out on special offers, news and events

FOMO marketing in particular is an excellent technique to encourage your visitors to buy from you. Many people would rather make impulsive purchases than regret not taking action. This strategy therefore refers to messages that appeal to the desire of consumers to seize every opportunity before it is lost.

4. Optimize Call to Action

A call to action or call to action (CTA) is essential in the arsenal of email marketing. These simple, yet powerful buttons separate the good email from the best, because an email, no matter what type of campaign it is used in, should continue the conversation or conversation between a brand and a consumer. Whether a brand sends out a newsletter, thanks a user for a purchase, or reminds a consumer of their shopping cart, an email must include at least one CTA to increase interactivity.

5. Make Sure Your Email Has a Landing Page to Capture Customer Data

When you send an email, you want members to take action. You want them to sign up for your newsletter, visit your site, download your latest white paper, sign up for webinars, or any other call to action you want. To increase your conversion rates, you can link your email campaigns to a landing page.

6. Monitor the impact of your campaigns with statistical reports

Knowing the effectiveness of a campaign depends on the KPIs you are tracking. The metrics you collect allow you to adjust your strategy according to the latest expectations of your customers. If a campaign is not having the expected impact, metrics such as churn rate, click-through rate, and bounce rate will quickly be exposed.

7. Make Sure Your Emails Are Mobile Friendly to Maximize Openings

With 68% of email campaigns opening on mobile devices, a responsive email is no longer just cool, it’s essential to a successful digital marketing strategy. If your emails aren’t mobile-friendly, you may miss your opportunity to engage your customers and get the results you want.

8. Add a custom survey form to your unsubscribe page to find out why people are unsubscribing

Unsubscribe surveys provide the feedback you need to redefine and optimize your email content. As you grow and grow your email list, you want to make sure that your new customers are happy and connected. By using the unsubscribe survey, you can find out why people left and where you can improve.

For example, a standardized form may present several reasons for unsubscribing such as:

  1. I don’t want to receive these emails anymore
  2. Emails come too often
  3. I have never subscribed to this mailing list
  4. The emails are inappropriate
  5. Emails are spam and should be reported

9. Make sure the links are clearly visible in your email and point directly to the subject

To increase engagement with your contacts, be sure to include at least one link in your email. You can link any text, button or image to a web page, landing page, document, email address or phone number. You can have as many links in your email as you want, but we recommend limiting the number of links and calls to action in each email. By focusing on a clear call-to-action, you increase the likelihood that your contacts will do what you tell them to do.

10. Include Your Social Media Pages

Make it easier for your contacts to find you on social media by adding links to your profiles directly in your emails. Simply enter a social follow block, select the networks you are active on and add the link to your profile. You can then customize the look of the icon to match the rest of your email design!

By focusing on these email marketing best practices, you will connect with your customers and grow your business by turning customers into sales.

To discover other best practices in email marketing, take a look at this Certified Training in Web Marketing. You will have the key to gain visibility and grow your business through e-marketing.

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